Bianca Gervasio and fashion have always made a strong couple. As a small child she used to spend part of her time imagining and drawing clothes and…no, it couldn’t remain just a passion! With grit, charisma and talent she created her professional project, achieving important goals including that of becoming the creative director of the Mila Schon historical maison at only 27 years old. Other than collaborations with famous brands, Bianca Gervasio projects and realises garments and accessories that carry her name. A harmonious, seductive but also romantic femininity runs through creations that are alive with beauty. With character, with personality.We had the pleasure of meeting Bianca, knowing her story and that of her art. And as they say ... one word leads to another! Read a little here...Hi Bianca, we are so excited to meet you and see your new accessories line first-hand. When did you enter the world of fashion? “Well, I’d say many years high school. I started out as a women’s tailor, then becoming a fashion apparel technician and later undertaking a training course in Fashion Design at the Marangoni Institute. I covered the role of Creative Director for a historic Italian label for whom I realised ten collections, but now I’ve also created my own label and so those are also included in my Bianca Gervasio collections. It’s been an excursus, a real evolution: though I started young, I had clear ideas and I’ve always been determined.”You create exclusive clothes and truly unique and precious accessories. Why choose you? “Why choose Bianca Gervasio…? Because it transmits emotion. There’s something that goes beyond, further than the piece and garments itself. Beyond the lines, the colours and the working that characterise it”.So which message would you like to communicated through your brand? “My philosophy is definitely tightly linked to an emotional aspect and to elegance, yes, a rich elegance but one that is sophisticated and clean. The Bianca Gervasio brand aims to transmit a sensation: not just that of wearing something rich and beautiful but to bring life and leave emotions.”Would you like to give any advice to new designers, those who are starting out now? “It’s always difficult to give advice because each person approaches life and their own pathway differently. But one thing we have in common is the need to sacrifice. It’s a truly beautiful world but also a hard, difficult one. So hold on, don’t lose your tenacity, your passion or enthusiasm…and keep moving on like a train!”