Blasted Skin is the new, made in Italy accessories brand created by the designer Federica Sivieri. Exclusive pieces that tell of unconventional femininity, that love to distinguish themselves with style and originality. Geometric style belts, necklaces, bracelets, but above all the harnesses with a double function: accessories to wear over clothes to personalise an outfit, or to be worn as seductive lingerie.A young brand that goes beyond the beauty of shape and the harmony of lines, aiming high for quality. Friend of Italian manufacture and friend also of the environment, the brand Blasted Skin mades sustainability sensual! Just as Federica tells us in the following interview…Your accessories are very particular, like real ornaments that dress the body. What brought you to the decision to create Blasted Skin and produce such great and original accessories?“was born from the desire to interpret femininity in a different way. Leather, a strong and resistant material, becomes surprisingly light thanks to the creative designs and geometric cuts, that transform it almost into lace, then using it on the harnesses and in many accessories. A balanced effect, delicate, a little…ethereal”.So which materials do you use for your creations? “Vegetable-tanned leather of course, it comes from Tuscany and is produced by small companies that work without using toxic substances, eventually reducing environmental impact and guaranteeing a sustainable productive cycle. In fact, only natural materials are used that originate from plant pigments, and don’t contain any chemical substances that pollute the environment.”What type of woman choose Blasted Skin accessories? “In reality there are various types of women that wear my accessories, from teenagers to mature women that desire to change up their look and dare to try something different…maybe they have special occasions coming up, or an important event.”Do you remember what your first creation was? “Hmm, my first creation…was a piece of geometric armour for women. While for Blasted Skin my first creations were the harnesses, inspired by the theme of the nocturnal butterfly, a symbolic image linked by its connotation with darkness and to the darkest aspects. In general this first Blasted Skin collection was influenced by a subconscious intercultural mix that embraces pagan and religious Art, geometry, just like the archetypes of desire, exploring our bond hidden in the chaos..”Do you have any projects in the works? “Yes, to widen my creations and eventually launch, alongside the harnesses and existing accessories, also a bag collection”. For info & contact