Ecletta is the new bag and accessories brand founded by the Tuscan designer Giulia Venturi, who is now relocated to Rome. Giulia’s obtention of a degree in agriculture, her transfer to the capital, her work experience as a theatrical costume designer; studies in design and modelling, and then her crucial discovery of leather as a tailoring material, has rendered Giulia’s life full and eclectic just like her bags.Born from the previous Supermarketbag line in January 2016, Ecletta’s core starts with exploration and the desire to realise unique, sophisticated and eclectic creations. Its unmistakable taste is made up of cosmopolitan shapes and lines, but with an artisan Italian heart. In a dynamism of textures and colours, amidst a palette that ranges from romantic delicate and nuanced tones, to the futuristic accent of gold and silver laminated flashes, Giulia gives us an account of her creative adventure.Giulia, these bags are truly fantastic. An explosive mix of colours, tones, materials… How did your brand start off? “Ecletta is a set of codes, visions and situations that finds its concept in its name. It features combinations of sophisticated materials, contrasts of colours and a very refined production process. The bags are worked by hand and use decorative techniques such as knots and folds; these together with the combination of animal hides with other materials requires special skills and close attention to detail."Each one has his own…how would you define your style? “Well, eclectic, naturally! A style that blooms and progresses. Never simple, never basic, never banal. Sophisticated materials play with contrasts of colour and animal hides."Ecletta means...? “Innovation, fantasy, individuality.”Is there anyone that really inspires you? “So many people and nobody… in the end it’s how my work gets identifies that matters.”And the brand Ecletta identifies and distinguishes itself well: versatile, innovative and niche. The polyhedral, multi-faceted Elettra handbag is made from double layers of leather, decorated in details with strong personality and wearable in multiple ways - its shoulder strap is adaptable transforming it into a handbag or an across-body bag. It features a beautiful fringing and a peculiar fastening in the shape of either a dragon or the snake of Ophelia. Then there is the maxi volume Fedra or the smooth lines of the Raissa clutch - not just aesthetically alluring but pleasurably practical, perfect for everyday use.For info & contacts