Anna Porcu is an outstanding designer, as is the idea that gave rise to her remarkable brand. Her jewellery was born from the challenge of rendering cameos accessories suitable for the everyday: starting from its unique charm, blending antique with the modern and tradition with the present. Anna’s jewellery is the result of the vintage peeping out from jewellery boxes and treasure chests of the past dressed in a new form.Born and raised in Tuscany, the daughter of an antique dealer from Pienza, Anna has breathed art in all its forms from a young age: dance, photography, drawing, handcraft, etc. Having graduated from the University of Florence with a major in Art History, completed an internship at the Gucci historical archive in Milan, obtained a masters degree in Cultural Marketing and having done work experience at the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum in New York, Anna’s creativity has been abundantly nurtured and continues to flourish. Subsequently, her first jewellery collection and the brand that carries her name, Anna Porcu, was born.Unique, exclusively beautiful pieces of nineteenth century antique cameos are mounted onto leather and reinterpreted with a modern and original design. Simple accessories with clean lines help accentuate the elegance of the cameos. Being versatile, the cameos are adored by the most hopeless romantic; by the lady who loves to play and mix styles with eclecticism and those in constant lookout for novelty. Anna spent months and months searching for cameos, exploring far and wide to find her precious treasures. She finds them in different subjects and materials: shells, lava, ivory, coral, turquoise and amber.In the hands of goldsmiths and expert craftsmen, Anna Porcu’s creations become even more precious with the addition of gold, silver and precious stone, or indeed cameos designed and realised exclusively for her. The soft, yet durable nature of the leather combines with the delicacy of the carvings render life to the triumphant jewels, with a charming and timeless allure. Industrial materials such as iron and coins are mixed with the historicity of the cameo; leathers used range from the sophisticated luxury of the reptile skin to that of the pony, new material combinations are constantly being explored.Choose from bracelets, necklaces, collars, earrings, and more. Each piece can be customised to be made even more personal to you. Having been exhibited in renowned international museums including the MAD Museum di New Yorkand the Norton Museum di Palm Beach, Anna Porcu’s jewelries are true works of art. For more information and contact details, visit