Lucio Vanotti is purism in style, geometry and refined minimalism. It is the meeting point between classicism and the contemporary; tradition and handicraft; shape and substance. Selected as finalist for Who Is On Next? UOMO 2012, winner of the White Inside Award in 2013, as well as being chosen by Re Giorgio in 2016 to exhibit on the runway at the Armani Theatre, the brand Lucio Vanotti certainly doesn’t struggle to emerge in style, talent and professionalism. Its anonymous founder goes straight to the concept, straight to the form. Like an architect Lucio Vanotti dissembles and reassembles the volumes, hollowing them out and re-projecting them without obstacles or distractions.In name of a pure, simple and beautiful aesthetic, the creations of the female and male wardrobe are being reinterpreted. Vanotti is actually the creator of two lines, one for him and one for her, and the both are united by the philosophy of the essential - not in the contents but in the contours. The quality, the ‘savour-faire’ and the Italian manufacture are more than present. The superfluous is eliminated, the models are dry and the clothing wraps the body delicately without excess. Also in the men’s spring - summer 2019 collection, its concrete and rational design has confirmed it a winner. The textiles, the care taken to the finishes, the structure of each single layer: in an equilibrium of shapes and geometry Lucio Vanotti has indulged in mixing together two different worlds, creating an assonance of unpublished and exclusive style.The stylist has turned to the principles of Bauhaus to explore the world of Hip Hop, revisiting icons and aesthetic codes. Simple, harmonic and functional lines meet primary colours and pastel tones. In a mix and match of different fabrics and textures, the superpositions are many as is the versatility. In fact, thanks to openness, fluid constructions and zips, the silhouettes change and transform. Opposites and contrasts attract: bomber, baggy pants and oversized jumpers get along well with the tailoring of full suits; nylon with cotton and denim; graffiti with classic pinstripes.Lucio Vanotti collaborates with Tamara Roso, the designer and founder of the brand TMR_RSO which produces bags for the men’s collection. The inspiration for these accessories is found in the architecture of Le Corbusier: rucksacks, handbags, clutches created like solid geometrics, the result of a minimal design and an artisan production.For info