In today's interview we tell the story of a truly precious brand, that of Maria Patrizia Marra. A made in Italy jewelery brand that creates iconic, unique and handcrafted pieces. Creations to wear today and to pass on tomorrow, always beautiful, beyond time and trends.

The homonymous designer and founder Maria Patrizia Marra reveals what is contained in her exclusive collections: from inspirations to her origins, from muses to craftsmanship... Read and find out more!

Maria Patrizia Marra: more than a brand, a story. Do you want to tell us how the label and the love for this "precious" world was born? What led you to explore this field and create jewelry?

“Life has taken me, for many years now, away from my homeland, Salento. Time and distance have not erased the places, the landscapes, the fragrances that still accompany my thoughts and are the source of my inspirations. During a break from my work, I resumed drawing: the sea, the red earth, their fragrances, starfish, prickly pears, corals, seahorses. This is how the first jewel was born, then the second, the third until the launch of my brand Maria Patrizia Marra – Jewels.”


Your jewels are iconic, handcrafted and characterized by an evergreen, timeless aesthetic: how and where did the concept of your collections come about?

“Nature is the source of my inspirations. The model, first made in wax and then in bronze through fusion with the lost wax technique, comes from what surrounds me and fascinates me. My creations interpret my past, Salento, my homeland, the crystalline sea and the wild nature; at the same time they are characterized by a touch of modernity that distinguishes them and connotes my new essence in the urban context of the capital. Each creation is handcrafted, in bronze and silver, destined to resist fashions and trends over time.”

Do you have any muses of reference?

“Yes, it's about my aunt, who made handcrafted women's clothing. From her I inherited the passion for fashion and from her I continue to take inspiration in my creations every day. She taught me that successful creations require originality and that each piece requires the same dedication as if it were the first and last."

What makes your jewelry unique? What words would you choose to describe them?

“Refined. Wild. Timeless. Authentic and absolutely unique. Simple words that fully describe my jewels.”

Jewels are often given as gifts, handed down, or simply worn for a lifetime. How do you imagine the woman who wears Maria Patrizia Marra Jewels?

“My jewels are designed for all women who seek elegance and who at the same time love and are inspired by nature. Women aware of themselves and of their uniqueness, women of all ages, free, refined, enterprising." 

Do you want to tell us a secret about the brand? Any news on upcoming collections?
“I like to daydream. There are many projects, but I cannot reveal them to you yet. If you are curious, there will be some surprises soon… stay tuned and keep following me on Instagram and on my website” 

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