My Golden Cage is the idea, the project and the brand by Maria Elena Pino. Our interpretation of its name is spirit, creativity and Art. Maria Elena’s professional career has crossed paths with big names and maison such as Giorgio Armani, in addition to various teaching roles at fashion academies in Milan, all leading up to her identity as founder and stylist of her “branded jewellery”, My Golden Cage. A trunk, a treasure chest where jewellery and ideas are born. We met with Maria Elena and, lost among chatter and fun stories, she revealed to us various novelties about her new collection. Listen, or rather read, a little…Hi Maria Elena, it’s a pleasure to meet you. As always your jewellery strikes us with its beauty and its shapes and colours. They’re pure creativity… “Yes, My Golden Cage came into being in the same way that my own creative outlet works, fuelled by the need to express my creativity physically and artistically. Each piece of jewellery is envisioned and refined, the fruits of the careful study of shapes and choice of material where leather never gets forgotten. It’s leather that’s the leitmotif, the stylistic figure that distinguishes every collection. Design and hand manufacture come together in unique, handmade pieces.”As the saying goes, our first love never goes forgotten! And we could say that your first love is leather. How is it that you chose and continue to choose leather? What fascinates you about it? “Just as I said before, leather distinguishes my jewellery since the very beginning. Aside from its physical properties - tactile and full-bodied, I choose it regarding the question of colour: on leather, colours resonate, they’re brighter, more luminous… how to say it, expressive!”Geometric lines alongside the softness of the leather, fringing, intense colour blocks… Your jewellery is more than an accessory, they’re true pieces of design. Do you want to reveal something about your summer collection and ... also about the next one? “The spring summer 2019, Deepness, is characterized by the simplicity of shapes like the circle and the rhombus that through their traditional and spiritual meaning evoke the meeting or the division of the two male and female sexes. Leather, baroque pearls, delicate raw quartzes, light gold-plated brass and rose gold meet rosy colors, coral, lavender, nude effects. The preview collection for Fall-Winter 2019-2020, Dark Light, uses the colour scheme of black spiced with orange and green. Other than leather, I’ve used Kidassia fur which adds volume and creates a harmonious balance, to contrast with the geometries characteristic to My Golden Cage. Thus you see not only clean lines but also fuller shapes embellished with noble grey freshwater pearls and delicate raw quartz: the collections revolves around the circle and its symbolism. ”What does jewellery mean to you? “Well, jewellery is pure expression, the element with which I’m able to best express my creativity. It’s an ornament that’s not an end in itself but also compliments outfits”.How do you envision My Golden Cage pieces combined with the looks of the women that choose your products? “Even if my jewellery may seem directed only towards important occasions or for evenings, I believe that the pieces are versatile and wearable also in the every day. It depends on the type of person who wears it and their personality.” For info and contact