The Fashion Movie Prize returns again this year to sustain talent. In an exciting creative frenzy, Cosenza and its historical centre get animated with exhibitions, installations, workshops, performances and parades from the 3rd-11th June. A project by the Creation and Image association now in its twenty-third edition, the Fashion Movie Prize was born from the idea of celebrating and deepening the relationship between fashion, cinema and the Arts, all through the eyes and inspiration of new creators. An opportunity for young stylists to put themselves in the game, confront themselves and step up to a challenge in which the winning factor is talent.There are 15 fashion designers, selected by a commission of professional experts who are directed by the artistic director of Moda Movie Sante Orrico, and will contend the prize during the fashion event at the A. Rendano di Cosenza Theatre on the 11th June. The finalists were chosen through an evaluation of sketches that they made, judged based on originality and adherence to a theme which this year is “Folk Bohemian - tradition meets innovation”. Free to express themselves and narrate, the designers innovatively reinterpreted aesthetics and popular tradition towards the avant-garde. In a mix and match of cultural inspiration and suggestions, hand manufacture and tailoring translate creatively into new, urban and contemporary garments. But who are the 15 finalists? They are: Valentina Amico, Noemi Carta, Antonio Dell’Omo, the duo Cristina Melina and Filippo Chantal, duo Chiara Vilardo and Maria Francesca Miccichè, Rocco Genco, Alissa Giunta, Cristina Loma De La Vega, Carmela Montalto, Eralda Muca, Alessandra Pucci, Filippo Radin, Sara Ruiu, Salvatore Scardina, and Elisa Sciammarella.Alongside the designers’ competition there’s also the competition for young directors who are invited to create video projects, which they will narrate using images, costumes and traditions, also inspired by the same theme as the designers. In this sector there are ten candidates who will have the possibility of claiming the prize Trofeo Moda Movie Cinema on June 10th during the Cinema event, scheduled at the Modernissimo di Cosenza. Stay in the loop! Continue to follow us and don’t miss any news about the event - the best is yet to come. To be continued… All info and contacts at