Affirming its role as a showcase to discover and sponsor new talents, Altaroma presents the new edition of “Who Is On Next?”, the fashion scouting project organized in collaboration with Vogue Italia. The ideal setting for an experimental, fresh, and innovative approach to design, although without losing the connection with artisanal traditions and the excellence of Made in Italy, it is a unique chance for emergent brands to show their designs for a jury of experts and get support to consolidate their names in the National and International marketsAltaroma has the pleasure to announce that the finalists of this year, on the ready-to-wear and accessories categories, are:BAV TAILOR Bav Tailor is a collective fusion of sharp tailoring, geometrical forms and finest certified natural fabrics that represent true hallmarks of Made in Italy and Eco-Sustainability. Born in London, Creative Entrepreneur Bav Tailor launches her eponymous womenswear brand built for the next ethically aware generation. Uniting a team of modernistic creative people from her multiple homelands with one common interest: to reconstruct the age-old techniques of tailoring with innovative cuts, sustainable materials and, technology.DANIELE CARLOTTA The eponymous brand, founded by the Italian designer born in Ragusa, is a contemporary vision where both the street life and the great pages that have made the history of fashion all over the world come together. The production phase is under the control of “Daniele Carlotta Srl”, preserving the excellence of Made in Italy and offering the best quality and great attention to details – characteristics that make Daniele Carlotta’s collections unique.FEDERICO CINA The brand Federico Cina was born in 2016 when the fashion designer, originally from the small city of Cesena, was still a student and was mentioned by magazines and journalists during the Polimoda fashion show in Florence. The collection that made him known was “Come una vita viene al mondo”, created under the concept of a global family that breaks stereotypes of the traditional “man and woman”. The label also showed his collection in Japan thanks to the Osaka Bunka Fashion College and was invited by different European fashion weeks to show its work, such as Moda Lisboa, Lods Fashion Awards and Lithuanian Fashion Week.www.federicocina.itJING YU JING YU is a young independent project established in 2017. Born in China and moving to Milan to study at Istituto Marangoni, the eponymous designer focus in fine fabrics and exceptional craftsmanship – with its production in Pavia, Italy – with a minimalist yet innovative style. Constantly inspired by movies, literature and, especially, philosophy, JING YU’s clothes propose a dialogue with its audience towards ideas of gender, sexual liberation and has an artistic approach to design. Early in 2019, the label was selected to be part of a special pop-up store at Galeries Lafayette, Paris. TWINS FLORENCE Twins Florence is designed by Linda Calugi, born in the Tuscan city of Pistoia, and has an edgy and androgynous approach in silhouette with attention to details, focusing on leather olfactive throughout the time while striving to be the next generation luxury brand for the avant-garde woman,Its products are made by Italian artisans belonging to historical family-owned leather manufacturers based in Tuscany and are all handmade with top quality local leather and fabrics. HIBOURAMA The brand was born in the heart of Rome from the creative and entrepreneurial minds of Maila Ferlisi and Rachele Mancini. After having undertaken different studies and professions, they meet at Koefia, the famous fashion school of the Italian capital, giving life to a friendship destined to become the indissoluble bond and fuel of their main professional activity.Totally Made in Italy, and rigorously adorned with luxurious embroideries, the Hibourama bags start from a dressed-up concept, which winks at a revisited demi-couture, and are present in several national and international multi-brand boutiques and department stores such as La Rinascente in Milan and Rome, Harvey Nichols Riyadh and Kastner & Ohler IURI A contemporary fashion label focused on leather goods and soft accessories founded by Jure Stropnik, the brand aim is to dress up today’s customer using IURI accessories as an accent of their identities. The Slovenian designer, now based in Milan since he moved to the Italian city to study at Istituto Marangoni, has an aesthetic that is pure, geometric and authentic, representing his personal vision and beauty inspired mostly by the architecture, contemporary culture and design MAIORANO Maiorano is a contemporary brand of luxury shoes founded in Rome. The purpose and the philosophy behind it is to merge modern design with traditional Italian manufacturing and all of the shoes are the result of a long and passionate process, starting from the studio creative ideas and arriving at the incredible craftwork of expert Italian artisans. Matteo Maiorano absolute attention to details, in all the steps, leads to a final product that is therefore characterized by a strong identity and a versatile nature, yet also, by durability and comfort. NAHIOT HERNANDEZ Nahiot Hernandez is a brand that combines craftsmanship with contemporaneity to create unique and original pieces adapting to the personality of the customer. Born in Venezuela and relocated in Italy in 2011 where starts working with different ateliers in Terni, the designer creates accessories that are inspired by a minimalist structure, with a special regard to the formal- volumetric aspect of their pieces and fuse global cultural references with craft techniques, generating sober and elegant handmade pieces often using unusual materials such as glass and