Irlampia: metal clothes sewn perfectly, unusual silver thread interwoven history and craftsmanship for a unique and recognizable style, for an open end but futuristically happy. From the ancient goldsmith origins, distant Roman Era, until the sophistication of art deco: this is the standard, the know how of Irlampia jewels that, in small steps, continued to move, to write and to leave their history prints, to chase and sometimes to overcome the contemporaneity.

Not crumbs on the road, but only silver and metal, the lifeblood of the brand. Behind these precious sculptures, hiding and moving the hand of a young woman who eats, breathes and produces art. Born in Spoleto in 1980, after the Art Institute, Laura Bartoli graduated in History of Art in 2006 at Sapienza University of Rome. The decisive meeting with the teacher of goldsmith Gabriele Muller mark checkmate, the turning point that approach her definitely to the world of goldsmith’s art: the jewellery brand Irlampia born in 2011 in Assisi.

Its recognizable style looking straight to the future, drawing and never forgetting the past treasure. Strict lines are shaped on structured texture, hard movements alternate with soft features. In Olympus collection, Nature and its elements are combined with an extemporaneous deities, moulding new metaphorical celestial bodies, gods in their names: scratched and geometric bracelet Minerva, delicate dangling earrings Teti, sovereign beauty Tiara Era.

Jewels that tell of high craftsmanship, wink to history, but mainly seek and find themselves, alone and only themselves, in their own reflections. Trucioli line is a return to origins, where the goldsmith art burns tradition, to know, to manual. From wood to silver: the concept of waste is futuristically transposed from the organic world to the metal, resulting in unique pieces, entirely Made in Italy.

Spiral, flowers and stiff curls: ornaments present as fleeting. They seem to melt, dissolve. Born, grown and then fall from the bodies. Storytellers of a beauty difficult to catch, screen and fleeting. The power of women, the weapon of Irlampia jewel. You can buy Irlampia HERE. For info