Riva Jewels: when the detail makes the difference. Crafts, art, design. All in one accessory. One signed Riva Jewels. Born in 2014 and son of a recently creativity open to experimentation, this emerging jewelry brand stands out for craftsmanship and strong connotation Made in Italy.

Allegra Pazienti, founder and designer of the brand, who holds an important experience in goldsmith workshops, creates exclusive pieces where the fleeting trend of the moment is overcome by the beauty of an extemporaneous single project. Ear Cuff, necklaces, rings. Nothing is left to chance, every shape is designed and conceived as an evolution of the body.

Its wrapper, his home.Games of sinuous thin lines or more pronounced geometries are on lobes and ears, climbing, branching, and then bloom. The stiffness of metal becomes edgy and precise in maxi collar with star or iridescent in the gold mood collection, where immersive light effects catch the eye, bewitching it.

A net volumes alternate beveled perimeters, sweets, where the handmade comes to deposit all its added richness.The jewel becomes focus, boss a space that is changed from completion to look. In apparent sharpness of the forms is hidden an elaborate process, a constant search for beauty, a new concept of luxury. Different. The trappings and frills give way to an exciting simplicity, because perfect. You can buy Riva Jewels HERE. For info rivajewels.com