There are 5 exclusive and made in Italy new brands to know that we have selected for you in today's post. Young, contemporary and authentic realities that offer collections of the highest quality with grit and enthusiasm, designed for a woman who loves the great cults but who always keeps up with the times.

From clothing to jewellery, from shoes to bags to the world of eyewear: Italian talent emerges among well-known names and big brands. A made in Italy that looks to the future, that loves the environment, that chooses the craftsmanship and beauty of the great classics, that reinvents a fashion designed to be worn with style every day.

But let's get to know these 5 brands better, talent by talent. Read on and…find out more!



Handcrafted in Florence, the shoes designed by Valentina Rangoni are synonymous with luxury, craftsmanship and exclusivity. The two Rangoni sisters, heirs to a long tradition in the footwear sector, today redesign the great fashion cults with a strong and personal style. A perfect fitting, combined with the highest quality materials and a contemporary and captivating aesthetic, make Valentina Rangoni shoes beautiful and very comfortable to wear. Versatile, feminine, exclusive creations that make the wearer feel at ease: shoes made by women for women, designed and manufactured to face life every day with style and elegance.



Among the 5 brands to know there is certainly Martina Bavaro. A young Italian talent who elegantly signs sartorial creations and iconic wardrobe items. From the romantic shirt with the bow to the black dress, from the maxi gilet to the blazer, Martina Bavaro searches for a new feminine elegance defined by herself as serene luxury. A contemporary beauty that takes care of the details and loves simplicity, distant from the excesses and frenzy of trends. Elegance, functionality and wearability are in fact essential elements of the Martina Bavaro collections, made up of timeless silhouettes and top quality fabrics. A brand to know and… to wear!



Founded in 2019 in Naples by Antonia Tramontano, TONIA is a brand of exclusive bags, designed and produced in Italy. Following in the footsteps of her grandfather Aldo Tramontano, stylist and artist who in the '50s and '60s in Naples was able to give an original imprint to the working of leather and hide, the designer combines tradition and modernity in her iconic collections. Her bags follow essential lines and shapes that are functional to the contemporary lifestyle: from maxi to mini, they stand out for their design, precious materials and precious details such as handmade trimmings. Musts that do not fade with the seasons but that renew their beauty over time between intense colors and versatility. The logo is inevitable in each piece, an eight-petal flower painted by the same grandfather in a painting for his granddaughter Antonia. A living brand, full of family, tradition, art and history.



A special place among the 5 brands to know goes to Portrait Eyewear, a young made in Italy label that handcrafts eyewear with a contemporary and innovative design. Portrait Eyewear combines tradition, craftsmanship, sustainability, research and high technology in its creations and manufacturing. This is how avant-garde, original eyeglasses and sunglasses are born, inspired by contemporary art. Exclusive pieces that characterize men's, women's, genderless looks with their style: handcrafted but strong in a mood that looks towards the future.



Precious, like its jewels: the fifth brand to know is called Vu Elle Jewels and creates elegant, fashionable and contemporary creations. Born from the passion and talent of the designer Valentina Lucarelli, the made in Italy jewelery brand stands out for its versatile, essential and ideal style for everyday wear. Stones, colors, pearls, more and less precious metals mix together in jewels designed and created with an attentive eye to detail, workmanship and high quality. Perfect collections for women who love to stand out with class and elegance, embellishing their looks with refined and stylish jewels. An absolutely must-have brand in your jewelry box!