Lamperti Milano, elegant, sophisticated and irresistibly chic. Tall, low, jaunty for the day, precious for the evening, heel yes or heel no, Lamperti Milano really are the shoes that every woman looks for, researches and now ... finds. Yes, because the mission of Erika and Federico Lamperti was precisely that of being able to create a high-end product, with a cutting-edge design but with a right price. And they really succeeded.Founded in 2014 and immediately recognized as a brand to keep an eye on by press, fashion addicts and leading experts in the field, Lamperti Milano has been present at Micam in the emerging designers section and defined as one of the major promises in Altaroma.
Our creativity is embellished by the exclusive Italian manufacture. All our models are entirely handmade in Italy.
Study, talent and great research: Erika after graduating from Bocconi, specializing in management at the University of Buckingham in London and training courses at Central Saint Martins School, experiments with forms and combinations to define her own style. Being inspired by travels, ancient stories and myths, never forgetting the good traditions and craftsmanship, gives life to real "collection" pieces.As well as those of Symposium, the new Fall - Winter 2018-19 collection, a mix of aesthetics and knowledge where shoes derive from the philosophy of Plato and his different conceptions of love. Sensuality, masculinity, elegance, practicality ... everything mixes and reinterprets itself in dizzying heights, ankle boots, lace-up boots to the last centimeter.
Our design is aimed at enhancing the self-expression and emancipation of women through the use of unique details.
The décolleté has fun playing with geometries, straps and metallic textures. Embroidery, pink tones and floral prints for boots and ankle boots, very soft and warm mules just as the latest trends dictate, amphibious strong, golden nuances, precious details.Refined but original, glamorous but matched with lots of looks, the lines signed by Lamperti Milano mix between great classics and innovative trends, including irresistible glamor and indispensable comfort for shoes that it is impossible not to desire! For info