Lora Nikolova: jewelry, works of art to be worn like a manifesto beauty of deep intrispection. Researched materials originate connections, artistic short circuits. Glass, plastic, semi precious stones create adventures worthy of note.

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Lora Nikolova as a child is attracted by the manual, from all that is creative. After the first degree from the Accademia of Fine Arts in Sofia in Theatre Design, she decided to continue his studies in Italy and especially the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, where she specialized in Production Design Film and Television. Her course is dotted with important learning experiencies, from collaboration with con Jil Sander, Burberry and Versace, to the period in Brancato Tailoring in Milan, where she gives free rein to her creativit, well it represent in theatrical costumes and papier mache masks forged for stage performences in worldwide.

From assistent set designer in the adversing creator sets, styling of photographic services dedicated to interior, to innovative painter. The art and all forms are for her the essence, vital metabolism. Her greatest passion finds home in jewelry. It is in the headquarter of Poma jewels that she feeds the momentum for this industry, experimenting in the designof avant-garde elements, interesting and for this more than once protagonists of exhibitions. Her vision of the new jewel leading to the construction of an exclusive and personal brand, in which the interior is tangent in each pieces producted.

Handcrafted and made in Italy, jewelry design Lora Nikolova encountered in taisting in their future, thus originating a new concept of luxury, which is important because only one. The omnipresent black alloy shapes and colors that fall into the trap, lured in the networks of necklaces at the antipodes of banality. Abstraction and Kandinsky masterpieces seem to inspire the collection design: the stones take possession of the space, the material diversity produces interesting alterations and jewels becomes a message, not only visual but sensitive. The excitement found in the apparence caos its order chaos its order right. Jewelry capable of breaking every scheme, surpass boundaries between art, fashion and culture. Simply, art. You can buy Lora Nikolova HERE. For info lora-nikolova.com