We are almost there. Christmas is coming and the time for gift giving is running out. If you are still looking for (beautiful!) ideas, let yourself be inspired by our tips and our guide to last-minute gifts.

A jewel for a precious gift, the soft leggings for your friend that dress comfy but is always so chic, an exclusive bag if you are looking for a truly original gift... The gift hunt is on!

What are you waiting for? Last-minute gifts are here.

white sweatshirt with circus hotel lettering and metallic fringes


Strass Sweatshirt – Circus Hotel.

A sparkling gift idea! Circus Hotel's total white sweatshirt is ideal for all those who like to be comfortable in their own style. Glamor but also practical and versatile: the right garment to relax without giving up on fashion.

khàrm design silver ring with turquoise stone


Neapolis ring – Mythos Collection – Khàrm Design.

In the last minute gifts something really precious could not be missing. The handmade ring by Khàrm Design is precious. A unique jewel, with an exclusive design and all-Italian craftsmanship.

cashmere leggings grey by I Rocchi Cashmere


Cashmere Leggings Grey – I Rocchi Cashmere.

Give an extra soft touch to your look or that of people special to you. Choose the softness of cashmere leggings, ideal to wear in relaxing moments and to create easy chic outfits.

mini turquoise bag by lucia merlo bags


Turquoise MicroBag – Lucia Merlo Bags.

A real gem of style! Very elegant, funny, versatile and super glam: Lucia Merlo's micro bag stands out thanks to its unique style. Everything is refined, down to the last detail... precious!

press at work matteo pressamariti white sneakers


Zip Low White – Press At Work Matteo Pressamariti.

Gritty, white, underground. In calfskin with a voluminous rubber sole and a play of tear-off inserts, the sneakers designed by Matteo Pressamariti are the ideal shoes for those who always love to be one step ahead.

giorgia panzironi silver earrings


Areca Silver Earrings – Giorgia Panzironi.

Another special and inevitable accessory among our last-minute gifts? Giorgia Panzironi's burnished silver earrings. Irregular shapes, creative charm and ancient craft traditions come together in truly special jewels.
headband with feathers of nanà firenze


Aggie Hairband – Nanà Firenze.

Original and super feminine. To round off our last-minute gifts guide we have chosen for you the exclusive feather headband by Nanà Firenze. A real touch of class!