Lazio Creativo: ended yesterday with the presentation of the second volume, the contest 100 STORIE DI CREATIVITÀ dedicated to the talents of the Lazio region. An opportunity which was signed by hundreds of young people eager to be selected to become one of the protagonists of the book “ Lazio Creativo 2017 – 100 Storie di creatività del Lazio”, an exclusive publication that recounts the top 100 creative under 35 in the region, their stories and their projects.

In other words, the new frontier of talent, innovation and beauty. An outstanding book distributed at the most important events organized by the Region of Lazio and the most famous cultural centers (museums and galleries, FabLab, institutions) of the territory. In the book “Lazio Creativo – 100 Stories Of Creativity”, narrative and photographic reportage on creativity, ten authors recount ten young emerging in ten different sectors: Fashion, Architecture and Design, Art & Photography, Advertising and Visual Communication, Publishing Illustration and Comics, Theatre, Music, Cinema and Audiovisual and New Technologies, Creative Start Up .

For the section Fashion here are the protagonists: Juicydoll di Chiara Aversano, Giorgia Baiocco, Midorj di Camilla Andreani, Irma Cipolletta, Mad di Donato Antonio Di Munno e Luca Baldini, Giovanni Clemente, Alessio Fratini, MàGia di Marta Giacomini, Michel Simoncelli, Il Barbificio di Roberto Spigarelli. The book “Creative Lazio – 100 Stories Of Creativity” was published both in print and in electronic format, in Italian and English. The new Made in Italy is enriched and improved through these projects that sustain and support young talent dreams. Because creativity is an inner force. To share. To grow. To support and to promote. Always.