ShootingBag 1981 is pure design, shaped by a mixture of emotional forms, materials and colors, which created bags of genuine originality. ShootingBag 1981 are unique works of art to be worn with pride, contemporary accessories handcrafted with unusual materials such as aluminum light, horsehair, fur.

ShootingBag 1981 is a brand launched by Alessandro Di Cola, designer born in Rome in 1981. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, Alessandro Di Cola, versatile artist, sculptor, painter, he experiences different techniques.

In 2013 he presented his first collection of bags Shooting Bag 1981, inspired by the historical fox hunting, eight models in aluminum, interior tartan, turned wooden handles and punching side, where the powerful evocative power of a past tradition that embraces a contemporary and innovative.

Bags that attract immediate attention, each with its own identity: Poppins, the doctor bag that reminds the doctor's bag and the bag of irons, the Bags Hat representing a warrior woman elegant and ironic, Hunter recalls the stock of a shotgun, Cuff is inspired by the sleeve cuff of a British hunting uniform, Cartridge was born from the idea of a cartridge belt while, Beagle is based on the homonymous hound dog breed. Alessandro Cola, with its brand ShootingBag 1981 works, as he says, "expressions that come from the soul lived emotions, feelings, and completed through their own creation" and continues to surprise us with wonderful creations. You can buy ShootingBag 1981 here. For info