Sabàto Russo,style concepts. Rigorous and linear shapes, deep and complex in meaning. Measured, thought. In a word, a concept, an idea in a line. It is so that the young brand Sabàto Russo rediscovered in an original textile synthesis the greatness of simplicity, apparent simplicity.

It is in fact the purism, the primary figure, to inspire creative, as well as the brand's founder, Sabàto Russo. From design to art, from poetry to photography ... and beyond. Omnivorous essence, explorer of new, Sabàto Russo creates further. Beyond fashions, beyond trends. Tailor, designer, art director, poet and cultured of an aesthetic superfine, where the absence is not absence but rather substance.

Born and raised in Foggia, Sabàto Russo, from charming and intimate personality, leaves his homeland to study architecture and then take the first steps in fashion as a model, treading the catwalks across the world, from Paris to Milan, from New York to Tokyo. But it is the fashion design, touched and tasted as an assistant for Issey Miyake, to excite him, and to be an additional, if not more important, chapter in its history. Back in Italy, in Milan, after 20 years in New York, awarded to the Arab Fashion Week in Dubai and highly appreciated in USA for tailored suits, Sabàto Russo comes now in its third collection.

The skill and craftsmanship of Made in Italy is combined with the East, in fluid and sophisticated garments. High-quality Italian fabrics combine volumes measured to the last centimeter of cloth, for a perceived balance, perceptible. Among neo contemporary minimalism and Japanese tradition, the Sabàto Russo products wrap and involve the body without force, without ever denying it.

Male and female combine, recognizing themselves in neutral colors and rigor of a single order, between the fluidity of long dresses, soft trousers, jackets sophisticated, luxurious but totally away from any ostentation shouted.  Each cut has its own because, every detail its destination of life, the stream of fashion. Discover Sabàto Russo.