Ludovica Di Loreto, through a mixture of typical essences of the Italian tradition, she evokes with its scents places, memories, family atmospheres. This is how the designer expresses herself : "A fragrance is a great emotion liquid perfume is a work of art, silent poetry. It can raise our days, our nights enrich and create milestones in the memories."

Ludovica Di Loreto is an emerging brand launched in 2015, which fits in the niche of artistic perfumery. The young creator who gives her name to this line was born in Rome in 1989 by a family of perfumers, receiving valuable lessons since childhood. After a degree in Fashion and Costume at the La Sapienza University in Rome and a specialization at the prestigious London College of Fashion, Ludovica decided to devote herself to her innate passion for essences.

The line Ludovica Di Loreto is extensive and consists of several products. The first creation is Lù Woman, a fine fragrance that has been a great success by mixing a heart sensual fruity floral notes. Lù Woman is enveloping, delicate femininity, beauty that enraptures the senses just as some streets of Rome, the magical city to which the perfume is inspired. Cerere, the ancient Roman goddess, is the muse for a fresh fragrance, joyful than through fruity notes leading to an explosion of tuberose, intriguing flower of the sin that, according to legend, with its wake provocative, leads into temptation.

The male line of Ludovica Di Loreto consists of Lù Man fragrance that contains citrus notes of grapefruit, Calabrian bergamot and mandarin rendered sensual with amber and musk. A fragrance that embodies the freshness and vitality of southern Italy, between past and present. Lù Jupiter is a very intriguing fragrance that tickles the senses with spicy accents of black pepper, juniper berries and nutmeg. Lù Mercurio a fragrance with a strong magnetism that captivates with chords of woody sandalwood and cedar in sharp contrast with red berries, cinnamon and saffron. Olfactory pathways that Ludovica Di Loreto extends in a very interesting way with the Home line: refined candles and diffusers for the home stimulate sensory memories evoking places and moments of life. Ludovica Di Loreto proposes, therefore, artworks enclosed in evocative fragrances that reflect fragments of Italian. To find out more