Leggings, sweatshirts, football socks, caps hats: we are in a videoclip 80s? But no! it is the present where the rages of active wear craze. The match point between sport and fashion is over and a new team was born: the sporty couture. By major fashion show to the many metropolitan windows, fashion turns the spotlight now on latest trend, the sportswear, it has become a global phenomenon. But for the young brand Sàpopa the actiwear not a temporary trend but rather a territory to explore in a novel manner.

Born from the encounter, which took place at high altitude hike in alpine skiing, the two founders Piero Righetto and Maria Elena Ghisolfi, the brand was presented at White in Milan with the launch of the Spring - Summer 2016 collection, which will be present on the market from next January. The brand name comes from an ancient text where with Sàpopa means just what the brand currently feeds: a daily life lived through an emotional instinct, a primordial life force.

Sàpopa can emerge in the fashion scene for the tailoring of the Made in Italy applied to garments from functional activewear style, an area that had not been investigated, and that reveals interesting solutions. Clothing sporty design, for both men and women, in a mix of luxury and absolute comfort technicality. Evident is the fabric research, the constant attention to detail and cutting edge of nanotechnology: anything with a strong imprinting style that emerges by the colors, innovative designs, materials used.

For the women's collection are proposed short top made of silk and decorated with macramé inserts, printed leggings revisited camouflage effects, windproof nylon jackets and waterproof, equipped with multifunctional pockets, available in a pink feminine, emphasizing the strong dose of fashion in a garment not created exclusively for a purely sports. The brilliant sleggings, innovative union of a practical leggings with an insert in ruffles that echoes the effect of a skirt. Practicality, elegance, freedom of movement, refinement: this is the heart of Sapopa. And then you are ready to ride the wave of sportychic?

Written by Giulia Fucile

For info www.sapopa.com

Credit Photo: Sàpopa