We write made in Italy, we read quality, charm, elegance, style. The excellent common denominator of food, design, fashion and lifestyle never continues to attract and surprise. Famous all over the world, the brand of brands has always been synonymous with guarantee and excellence.

With innovation, made in Italy continues to write its history: adding a more contemporary side to tradition and craftsmanship, made up of research, avant-garde but also elegant design.

In the case of fashion, alongside the big brands, more and more young independent brands and realities are emerging every day. Heirs of an important know-how, like the Italian one, they challenge the market with their exclusivity. Finding the right mix and their balance in creations that embrace experimentation, savoir-faire and a timeless taste.

Each garment, jewel or accessory goes beyond the object: rather it represents a project, an idea studied and implemented in every single part in Italy, thanks to a complete and local production chain. From the renowned Florentine leather goods to the Marche footwear district, from the silks of Venice to Neapolitan tailoring, just to name a few excellences, Italy is an undergrowth of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, custodians of arts to be applied and handed down.

A young brand that chooses made in Italy is aware of all this. Aesthetics are based on ethics, respect for the environment and for people, research, experimentation and a lot of creativity. From garments made with sustainable processes, such as the upcyclig, to hand-carved wooden bags; from jewels created with the ancient technique of lost wax casting to handmade shoes in artisan workshops.

Thus made in Italy continues to make people talk about itself and its beauty in the world. Cultivating it, as only it can do.

So what are you waiting for? Let yourself be inspired and conquered by the creations of many exclusive brands. Obviously, always and only made in Italy!