Ultimate Gray and Illuminating yellow: they are the shades chosen by Pantone to color this just begun 2021. A winning couple, a balanced mix, a duo that finds harmony in its joint.

It is true that it is not the first time that Pantone has chosen two colors for just one year: it is impossible not to remember 2016 and the combo Serenity and Rose Quartz, chosen to send a message of positivity towards gender fluidity.

And now it's up to a couple again, but to another couple. The need for collectivity, unity, connection is what led Pantone, along with many other observations, researches and reflections, to choose the two Ultimate Gray and Illuminating for 2021. Composed, reassuring, resilient the first; intense, warm, sparkling and optimistic the second.

From fashion to beauty to design: the combination of these two colors will influence our wardrobe, accessories and jewels included, make up as well as design and home accessories. Two distinct tones, so solid and independent, but at the same time powerful and winning together. A positive force that makes us look to the future with energy and new hope.

Not only in meaning and message. Ultimate Gray and Illuminating yellow also work in their chromatic mix & match, bringing out the best sides and shades of both. The timeless elegance of gray, its composure, the fascinating brightness of yellow.

A palette that wins us over and convinces us. And that makes us play but without making mistakes: yes because gray and yellow are good worn alone, but they are perfect when mixed together!

So what are you waiting for? Get inspired by Pantone 2021 colors and light up your wardrobe!