Parise combines a contemporary vision with the Italian artisan history. The Parise bags are handcrafted with an ancient 1700 Treadle Loom, used to create tapestries that decorated rich Venetian dwellings. Having a Parise bag in your hands means, therefore, discovering sensations never experienced before, of ancient crafts and precious manufacturing. Discover the Parise collection!

Parise promotes sustainable luxury based on deliberately unsolved contrasts. The same ones that make each of us a special being. Like the weft, which together with the warp, generates creations beyond time and borders. Parise leather bags, handmade in Italy, are born in a small laboratory between Venice and the Dolomites. Discover the Parise collection!

The Parise collections sublimate the identity and high craftsmanship they represent. The combination of woven and plain leather, the triangular shaped pendant that breaks the intense weaving, the innovative ECONYL® regenerated nylon lining in antithesis to natural cow leather: everything speaks of the contrasts that the brand is spokesperson of. To enhance all this, the mastery of the best leather artisan of Veneto, who carry out each step meticulously by hand, paying extreme attention to details and finishes. Discover all the Parise bags: available in different models and colors!