Elegance, femininity, flair: these are the first sensations that are perceived observing these wonderful creations. But Amina Muaddi, designer of the Italian brand Oscar Tiye, added to these features absolute comfort and refined materials creating real objects of desire.

The Oscar Tiye brand , inspired by oriental culture, was founded by Amina Muaddi and Irina Curutz in 2013 in Milan. The logo, which decorates the soles of all creations, is represented by a beetle, sacred symbol of the Arab world, a gift that made the pharaoh Queen Tiye to wish her immortality.

The designers of the brand, Amina Muaddi, born in Jordan, having studied at the European Institute of Design in Milan, he began working as a fashion assistant and editor for magazines such as Uomo Vogue Italia and GQ America living among Italy and America.. After a few years, however, he decided to fulfill his dream, creating shoes that make every woman feel unique.

The Oscar Tiye shoes in no time have already become a must and every woman wants to own them. The processing is done on the Riviera del Brenta, using hight quality materials and leathers and reserving extreme attention to the detail. In a sophisticated patchwork of leathers and colors creations come to life with extraordinary design in which aesthetics is enriched with features, all the shoes, in fact, have an internal buffer that makes them soft and comfortable.

Sensual, elegant, chic spring / summer collection 2015 models approaches which have become iconic as Malikah, with wings beetle, symbol of the logo, which decorate the ankles, as with Minnie ears ironic that recall the famous cartoon, as Amira with clear Middle East references to architecture, new models such as Abal, décolleté and sandal inspired by the rose, where an overlapping petals that interpret the delicacy opposes the stem with thorns represented by the strap and Yumna, a sandal that contrasts femininity and masculinity with shirt cuffs that wrap from his ankles. Shoes depicting stories, symbols, feelings to wear with a casual spirit and light. For info http://oscartiye.com/