Make your wardrobe more sustainable without giving up on glam and design. Emerging and artisanal Made in Italy brands, and beyond, are choosing a greener fashion and future by embracing natural materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing. Without forgetting the exclusive style that has always characterized the Italian product.

A choice, a philosophy, a behavior that passes and manifests itself also through what we wear. Fashion, one of the most polluting production industries in the world, now pays great attention to its supply chain: garments made with upcycling processes, companies that reuse waste fabrics and leathers, organic raw materials, transparent and traceable production.

An innovation, a future that restarts from nature and its respect. Read the labels carefully and choose what you wear responsibly: discover our green collections and make your wardrobe more sustainable.


arianna di maio maxi knit dress


Bellariva Olive - Lungomare

To make your wardrobe more sustainable, focus on timeless garments, easy to combine with multiple looks and made with refined materials, resistant to the passing of the seasons for design and quality just like a beautiful cashmere shirt. Fluid, light, comfortable, genderless, the Lungomare shirt is made with a green perspective and is an ideal garment to wear at any time of the day.

vu elle jewels rings


Nora Magenta - Adelaide C.

Research, experimentation, design are some of the keywords of Adelaide C. An Italian and sustainable brand of bags and accessories, based on ethically correct fashion. Among its creations, we offer you a very special one: this handbag, mini but roomy, with two internal and functional pockets, a flap closure and a removable and adjustable shoulder strap. An absolutely green must!

i rocchi cashmere total look


Orizzonte Earrings - Peekaboo!

Peekaboo's earrings! they are a unique piece, made in Italy with sustainable processes. The brand combines recycled aluminum, crochet, vintage buttons, high quality Italian yarns: each step is handmade with love and care. A young reality, which manages to transform waste materials into… exclusive jewels!


susana madrid black slip on with gold details


Babydoll Jois - Veraroad

In organic cotton and Tencell-Seacell organic seaweed, the Veraroad sweatshirt is characterized by a minimal design, with attention to detail: slightly gathered sleeves, feminine fit, cuffs. Made in Florence, this one is inspired by Yoga and the connection between mind and body.


susana madrid black slip on with gold details


Jogging Pant Baba - Veraroad

Also in organic cotton and Tencell-Seacell organic seaweed, the Veraroad sweatpants are perfect paired with the coordinated sweatshirt but also to mix with street style. An iconic and versatile garment perfect for making your wardrobe more sustainable!


susana madrid black slip on with gold details


Bangle Double Iridescent Green Pink - Stkreo.

Make your wardrobe more sustainable by focusing on the right (green!) Accessories: among our favorites are the STKREO jewels made with recycled and vegetable-tanned fine leather just like this colorful bold bracelet, with an iridescent metallic finish. Entirely handmade in Italy!



arianna di maio maxi knit dress


Arabica Juta Bag - Meraky. 

From coffee bags to handcrafted creations made with innovative and sustainable creative processes. The made in Italy brand Meraky creates bags and accessories giving a new life to unusual materials, reused with creativity. Thus was born the Arabica shopper, a sustainable piece not to be missed!