Manurina, bags of added value, attained value. Exactly that, because the beauty of those colours enclosed by elegant lines, fine materials and minimal designs are the manifested result of the Manurina world. A world that talks about Art, Fashion, Architecture, Italian manufacture, experimentation, hand manufacture, and continuous, incessant research. The Manurina bags relish the fact that emotional value makes the difference. It is the difference. As in a perfect balance, everything returns: every piece is an essential and exclusive design, born from a long process of hand manufacture with attention to detail.The brand Manurina was established at the end of 2013, created and given life to by Manuela Rinaldi, a designer with many years of experience behind her in companies including Costume National, Trussardi, Dolce & Gabbana, Elisabetta Franchi and Mauro Culotta that had roles in commercial and strategic aspects of the brands, and has also worked with historical fashion houses in the past such as Bottega Veneta and Gucci. Manurina is a play on words that rearranges the letters of the designer’s name Manuela Rinaldi.She has always been passionate about Art and Design, even before attending her artistic-strand high school and obtaining a major in Fashion Design at the Marangoni InstituteMarangoni Institute in Milan. She is an all-round creative. Her bags are a true creative path, rich with inspirations imprinted and expressed in linear, harmonious shapes that are awoken with contrasting colours and shades. Indispensable on every Manurina bag are the small cubic studs, decorative elements but they are importantly the distinctive mark of the brand.Manurina bags are imagined to accompany the woman every day, pairing themselves with every look with dynamism, practicality and versatility. Like a loyal best friend, they are by your side in every moment and their style doesn’t pass with time. Nothing is unaccounted for, details included. Elegant tote bags, comfortable shoppers, large and small shoulder bags, then there’s also the geometric clutch or the romantic bucket bag. In the Spring-Summer 2019 collection the choice is mind blowing. Alongside the best-sellers, bags with new volumes have their place. Bluette, yellow, cherry red, powder pink, sand, cream, black… the colours are intense, and many, in perfect Manurina style. For info & contact