Anna Maccieri Rossi interprets her visions of jewellery in elegant lines and feminine shapes. A precious, unique and rare jewellery that renders tribute to the importance and value of Time. Time that runs incessantly, never sated and never preoccupied about tomorrow. Time, the true luxury. The luxury that can’t be bought, that’s not for sale. Let’s take a step backwards…Class of 1979, a childhood spent in a family jewellery atelier in Reggio Emilia, Anna Maccieri Rossi studied economics and then specialised in Design of Applied Art. She has an Art in her blood and hands that doesn’t hesitate to make itself noticed. In her professional path some important collaborations stand out: those with Cartier, Jager Lecoutre, Bulgar, Gianvito Rossi, Ferragamo, and Tiffany & Co. Watches.The desire to unfold her matured experience in the course of the years and to give a voice to a line of her very own jewellery, brought Anna Maccieri Rossi to establish her own brand in 2018. Art, jewellery and high watchmaking have always cohabited in her projects and passions. And it’s in this very union, formulated and reinterpreted in a completely original way, that you can find the distinctive traits of the brand. A fine jewellery in constant movement that with imagination and creativity, renders tribute to the time and value of every single moment.Precious materials are used to give life and automaticism, borrowed from the world of watchmaking, allowing the jewellery to be transformed modifying the decorative motive in a way that creates truly theatrical effects. Anna Maccieri Rossi jewellery is refined, sought after and wrapped in a sophisticated modern allure. The “Teatro” collection takes inspiration from watchmaking, and its protagonist is jewellery that evolves in time. But not the time dictated by the clock hands; rather an intimate one, imagined by whoever wears the precious accessories. With quartz movement, painted by hand and customisable for the client, they turn to create magic. The “Ora” collection in contrast boasts the typical characteristics of a watch that attracts attention. A collection rich in “stories”, in all senses, where there are parts to tell with lightness, poetry, strength and irony. For info & contact