Pugnale & Nyleve is the brand born from the creative talents of Emanuele Pugnale in 2013. It brings a totally new outlook on the world, comprised of research, experimentation and a galore of good, healthy design. One cannot call the products just “glasses”. Pugnale & Nyleve’s eyewear are true objects of desire, the point of distinction for those who want to emerge with class and elegance. An all-Italian excellence that believes in the avant-garde of the future, but at the same time in the importance of past traditions. Pugnale & Nyleve sign both sunglasses and vision glasses, all of which are synonymous with exclusive luxury. These are accessories we fall in love... with at first sight!Emanuele Pugnale is the heartbeat, designer and owner of the brand. With great experience and knowledge in the sector of mechanics and high tech, he was then able to combine this with fashion, changing the point of view. Eclectic, unconventional and visionary just like his eyewear designs, he is also a lover of Italy and his savoir-faire. Pugnale & Nyleve is a dynamic brand that looks at the tomorrow, bringing the best of Italian manufacture to the field, choosing the prestige in the materials as well as in the production. Located in Fagagna in the province of Udine, the brand is dedicated to the continuous research of new emerging techniques, distinguishing themselves in the world of eyewear. Innovative shapes and extravagant designs dress and add value to our look. Oval, square, retro, maxi, geometrical joints and small sculptures are all to be flaunted. They play with colour, are illuminated with Swarovski or embellished with shining metallic effects.Last February at the Mido event, Pugnale & Nyleve presented their new glasses which were produced using well-performing techniques that made their iconic frames even more particular. Taking inspiration from the history of fencing (Roman blades), Emanuele placed a small dagger jewel to embellish the frame, rendering it unique in its genre. Strong in collaborations and collections born from creative synergies that are always diverse and interesting, Pugnale & Nyleve in the course of the years have launched some truly surprising collections and limited editions, of which their latest, Folly, is a good example, created in collaboration with Il Ballo del Doge; and also the feminine capsule collection that was developed with the maison of prét-à-portèr. For info & contact www.pugnaleeyewear.com