Exactly on January 20, 2020 Mario Costantino Triolo was born, a clothing maison dedicated to chasing the luxury of the good old days, to magnify the shapes of femme fatale adulatricians and to do it with the witty eye of those who live the contemporaneity without brakes.

We already know the name, unbridgeable talented designer Mario Costantino Triolo decides to introduce himself to the world by changing his skin, showing his most intimate side... He resurrects.

Thoughts wander, the hand begins to draw and finally the passion of a lifetime is consecrated with the establishment of a society with a promising future. This new and unprecedented reality of fashion originates from the winning synergy between Mario himself, Giacomo Tanzarella expert in graphics in the fashion and design sector and Davide Muccinelli expert in design and innovation as well as co-founder of the fashion house. The project is composed of multiple dimensions: there is the Studio section dedicated to the elaboration of high-end garments, the Atelier section focused on manufacturing of contemporary wedding dresses and as if that were not enough the trio has conceived an innovative school training in development.

Italy, cradle of infinite beauty, is the greatest muse inspiring the stylistic figure of the creative director of the brand. Without any ifs and buts, the creations are more precisely a delightful homage to the colours of the South, to the vivid love for his beloved land: Calabria. Yes, Mario Costantino does not abandon his roots, but on the contrary, he makes them penetrate viscerally into his vision, his production, his art. So Catanzaro becomes the hospitable city of the brand's head quarter, a successful attempt to raise the authenticity of the much acclaimed Made in Italy.

Grace: this is the title of the 2020 collection with which Mario Costantino Triolo denudes himself to the world, as a creative mind, a haute couture house and a craftsman's soul. Like a sort of book series, each piece knows how to tell a story and telle about itself between sartorial cocktail and parties dresses. The design is shaped between soft lines and more structured details but each one provoke with an elegant seduction, the silhouettes tell impulses, material and feeling merge into art to be felt. Feathers, organza, scrupulous bodices, long metres of fabric or completely naked legs, ethereal flounces and the cheekiness of see-through, the lust of red and the untameable black...

“The sensuality of a womanlies between the distance of her skin andthe dress she's wearing.”

The models that make up the collection are small great works of art inspired by the famous Grace Jones and Grace Kelly: from one they take the wisdom and rock spirit while from the other one the romantic charm that has always accompanied her. The result of these reinterpretations are iconic silhouettes with imposing volumes but docile lines, a triumph of local craftsmanship and attention to detail. Materials and constructions are a celebration of beauty, Italian good taste and contemporary fashion that is attentive to meet eco-sustainable needs.

For info and contacts visit the official website www.mariocostantinotriolo.it