Secular techniques handed down from generation to generation give life to a golden universe made of meticulous research and greed, of insatiable desire for beauty... Pica Bags amazes and dresses the modern woman with witty irony to remind her what life tastes like even on hectic and gray days.

The rigour of meticulous architecture and the joints severe in the cut but comfortable in the portability meet the delicacy of leathers exclusively selected in Italy and the clever naivety of bright colours and delightful geometries.

From the elegant and chaste black to the seductive deep and intense purple to the ethereal exuberance of rose gold and pure yellow gold, without forgetting the audacity of red and the metallic effect... Often colours can speak and tell upon ourselves better than a thousand words and in this Pica Bags is a master. Its creations are a sort of blank canvas where unexpected hues drip along silhouettes drawn not with the mind but with the instinct of those who love to create.

The aesthetics of the brand brings a breath of life, keeping in the volumes and structures of the models a carefree and simply... an alive soul.

Piera Catena, emerging designer, after completing her studies at the IED European Institute of Designers in the academic course of Shoes and Accessories designer decides to close her eyes and let herself be guided by that voracious vocation that leaves no room for hesitation, by passion: she creates Pica Bags in the year 2018. The name of the brand takes up the first syllable of name and surname respectively in that order of the young artist and perhaps it is to be read as an invitation to listen yourself more, to love ourselves , oneself first and foremost. Although little time has passed since then, her debut seems a long way off, her stylistic style has become refined, her enamel has become thicker and her handbags continue to surpass themselves. White paper, soft pencil between the fingers and an inexhaustible imagination.....

A dreamy palette of colours and textures lights up on metallic inserts and rests on reasoned bodies and structures. Every inch of Pica Bags' creations is a hymn to happiness, to the ability not to take things too seriously and to do it with taste, always.

The volumes are contained but capacious, the geometries essential, refined and with a touch of sarcasm thanks to the soft ripples, impeccable folds and flaps. Despite its lively and vivid appearance, the design remains sculpted in its architectural structures and above all rational in terms of quality and production.

The precious Italian leathers are thus observed, tasted by hand, selected and finally worked by skilled craftsmen to create beauty, to create wearable art, to dress you. Not an accessory but a travel companion, a reminder to smile, discover the new collection of Pica Bags.