Powerful, the leather wants to enjoy the spotlight in the new season but this time it's in great company. Soft and rough, raw and refined, traditional and avant-garde... this is our The Look Rock-Chic.

The fetish tints that have ridden the 80s are tamed and mastered by the romanticism of ruffles and the softness of silhouettes that embrace the body in all its sinuosity. After decades we drag with great cleverness that intrepid verve with a sour taste, the desire, that visceral instinct to break the schemes, to get out of those paradigms that so bore the awareness of us contemporary women.

The rebellious soul, however, is toned by softer textures, with tulle, silk veils, pleats of virgin wool... Bon ton teaches the new rock a delicate and courteous femininity while grunge flows in the veins of today's women, guiding them with so much indifference, self-awareness and independence. Because the world is not all black and white, who says that one excludes the other? We love the best of both worlds. So no, long dresses that fall softly on the hips, chiffon ruffles, high collars, lace and pure white should not be abandoned, on the contrary!

The unruliness of rock-chic has hypnotized them all, from Courtney Love to Rihanna, from Skunk Anansie's Skin to the royal Kate Middleton...the leather mania is on the attack and won't stop.

Enough with the long rants, get a pen and paper: here are the right ingredients for a rock-chic style. Let's start from the beginning: the leather jacket. That's the one, it is one of the few fashion garments that has managed to preserve itself in its forms, in its materials but above all in its cheeky spirit without boundaries of culture or territory... In any corner of the world the leather jacket is and will always be the leather jacket! A history that dates back to 1928 now tastes modernity.

Dear centaurus 2.0 the aesthetic irreverence of this cult leather piece must be dampened with hyper-feminine details. What do we recommend? The bag. Well, yes, it's the one that gives the right mood to the outfit, between small clutch bags, backpack with a masculine cut and super large tote bag we aim at the sparkle of sequins and precious stones of trendy handbag. To win the 2020 rock-chic queen title, make sure the accessory has metal inserts to stay true to rock notes. Glossy, with new patterns and rich in eye-catching colours, the bag strips the 80s of its heavy luggage and reinterprets it with pop nuances.

Number three: the dress. Essential to sweeten the gothic appearance of the look. Wide and comfortable, the new trend abolishes rigid bodices and static silhouettes to satisfy a more jaunty and practical taste. Meters and meters of fabric to match the classic black ankleboot that we all have in the shoe rack.

Et voilà, here is the new trend of the season! So gentle ladylike outfits lovers, skirts with flounces and luxurious dresses with a train are not to be shelved and hung in the closet but to show off in a new mix & match.The Look Rock-Chic, c'est très chic!

The Look Rock-Chic: leather jacket by The Al


Iconic Leather Jacket - The Al

A definitely iconic garment, the undisputed star of this look, crosses borders and time. Simply a must have, not only for the current season but for... ever! The leather jacket in The Al is a classic reinterpretation of this statement piece. The lines are slim and accommodating, the volumes are not bulky and the style is assured, not to be missed at all.

The Look Rock-Chic: Beblasé handbag.


Metallic Bynight Petrol Bag - Beblasé

The colours are bright but not alarming, the finishing details are impeccable, the weaves and textures tell a gritty soul, they talk about you! Designed for contemporary women, the exclusive Beblasé handbag is a real jewel made in Italy. The surprises, however, do not end here because the flap is reversible and allows a doubtful portability ... What can I say? Try it on!

The Look Rock-Chic: long dress by The B.


Soft Black Cupro Asymmetric Dress - The B.

The fabric falls softly on the body wrapping it without revealing too much, the style is at times austere without losing that touch of brio given by the games of asymmetries. An impeccable work of Italian tailoring. The creation of The B. between pleats and large volumes is the perfect adventure companion for the leather jacket. It offers multiple versatility, from office to grand soirée... Not to be missed!

The Look Rock-Chic: Beblasé handbag.


Irreverent Blink Band Green Bag - Beblasé

High-end materials are shaped and give body to a work without equal. Beblasé transforms leather into bold creations in the prints but meticulous in the shapes. A mini accessory with infinite style. And if you love them, why settle for one? Fashion has no rules, it combines two different variants of Beblasé's luxurious handbags to secure the miss rock-chic throne!