Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed. Even in fashion. Yes, because in recent seasons this world and more specifically niche brands have paid more attention to the environment, to the theme of recycling and non-waste.

We have found for you some emerging brands that in addition to being made in Italy differ from others in the use of special materials. Curious in researching and enterprising in experimenting with new raw materials, they create exclusive pieces in form and substance. Unique garments, bags, jewels, accessories made with materials that you just don't expect!


The passion for nature meets that for design. Fuscra bags contain everything and only the best of aesthetics and ethics: like small wearable sculptures, these exclusive accessories are made with precious and refined materials, designed in elegant and minimal shapes. Each bag has a scent, a color, a liveliness all its own just like… the wood it is made of. A unique and handcrafted accessory that cannot be missing in your wardrobe.


Something incredible is really hidden in its intertwining: an art and a tradition to which the designer dedicates a lot of research, passion and time. In fact, Ambra Castello with its ACA collection creates products that are not born from the cutting of a fabric but from a single nylon thread that is hand-woven. A long, meticulous process that shuns trends in the name of true and environmentally friendly exclusivity. The brand founded by the homonymous and talented Sicilian designer takes sides against massive production by producing very few pieces for each product or unique pieces. Furthermore, the brand is committed to recovering the garments that its customers no longer use by reusing the yarn and regenerating it.



Her bags are an explosive mix of color and design. This innovative made in Italy brand has managed with avant-garde and a lot of research to combine fashion with sustainability by creating entirely green bags. Sardinian roots and traditions were the starting point for the choice of processes and materials. The noble and secret ingredient of the brand is in fact cork, a must in Adelaide C. bags, together with plant-based and ecological materials such as 100% water-based nappa leather recycled from plastic or Pinatax that derives from the processing of pineapple leaves. In short, a brand that is good for your style and the environment!


Another brand, another surprising material. The high quality of manufacturing, style and technical performance are an integral part of garments with minimal shapes but with attention to detail. The added value of the Fili Pari creations, however, is hidden in their atypical essence, a magical powder that makes these garments absolutely unique. What is it about? After many studies and research, the innovative Veronese brand obtained its raw material by combining marble dust with fabric. You heard it right: Fili Pari made marble wearable!



From the recycled aluminum tabs, combined with handmade crochet work, the sustainable jewels of Peekaboo! are born. Materials that you do not expect to find in your jewelry box and that instead become the protagonists of unique creations. The artisan tradition is mixed with experimentation and application of green coloring techniques, testing of solvents and harmful products for the people and the environment. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings that mix vintage buttons used as closures, small medals extracted from vinyl records on which the brand logo is engraved, recycled aluminum, made in Italy yarns. Just like Peekaboo! sustainable jewelry.


Our journey into unexpected materials continues with Meraky, a made in Italy brand that knows how to look beyond. Attentive to the environment, style and craftsmanship, this innovative brand of bags transforms the material destined for waste into something exclusive. His bags have a new flavor, a different aroma: yes, because from the inspiration and savoir-faire of the two founders, through a unique weave, coffee bags become the secret ingredient of the Meraky bags.

What are you waiting for? Discover on our exclusive selection of garments and accessories made with materials you don't expect!