Hats and more: also turbans, headbands and scarves. The most wanted (unforgettable!) of the moment are right them. A trend to... never get out of your head!

Glamorous and popular. Maxi or mini, in felt, nylon, silk, wool, embroidered and not ... from the delicate bon ton hats of Queen Elizabeth to the vintage scarves of the divas who return to the rescue by dictating (again) fashion and trend up to the gritty baseball caps stolen from sportswear ... the accessories that make us lose our mind are really many. Between these? The typical fisherman hat, now renamed as bucket hat, preferred by stars and influencers.

Not only must-haves such as Fedora and Basque but also baker boy caps, bohemian turbans, printed and colored scarves that live another life and are transformed from an identikit accessory of bourgeois ladies to trendy objects.

So what are you waiting for? Wide brim, but not only that, and... hold your head high! Our most wanted today are...


Amiral Militaire Hat – Antonella Morgillo.

Wide-brimmed maxi hat in warm wool felt, hand-made and embroidered with elegant black acrylic stone applications. A must have you should not take off your head anymore!


Transformable Magnolia Headband Naturside - Mhudi.

Versatile and transformable, the Mhudi hair-band changes whenever you want to. Handmade in Italy with unique and refined fabrics, it blends the craftsmanship of our local craftsmanship with a bohemian beauty in a single accessory.


Black silk turban with bow- Yojiro Kake.

Are you looking for something truly original? Then the turban signed by designer Yojiro Kake is just the right hat for you! Sophisticated, elegant and made with the ancient origami technique, it will make every look special.


Maréchal Ankara Hat - Antonella Morgillo.

Its shape resembles that of a historic helmet with a visor. A hat handmade in Italy, refined and designed for those who want to amaze with elegance.


Silk Tapestry Foulard - Edoardo Gallorini.

Fine silk meets the creativity of a young, fresh and 100% made in Italy brand. In the print of the scarf we find his city, Venice, source of inspiration. Wrap the scarf around your head and the grand diva effect is guaranteed!