My Zizi Jewels, a truly original name, original just like its jewellery. Michela Vallotto works the materials to bring them alive, transforming them into jewellery. In her hands her ideas become wearable art. The pieces by My Zizi Jewels are unique, and reject the perfectionism of artificial beauty. Different, never the same, they express their handcrafted identity from the heart.Each work is unpredictable, an unprecedented discovery in which a new soul and thus identity is born. Michela expresses herself freely in her creations, in the techniques of traditional jewellery-making, contemporary design and different visions and inspirations. Everything blends together in the ornate pieces, enriched from the stories behind their creation that precede their existence. In fact the pieces are all handmade one by one, by Michela herself from ‘poor’ materials such as copper and brass, which is the key to the exclusiveness of her brand. After having worked at length in other sectors, Michela felt that the moment had arrived in which she must follow her true passion. As a teenager she used to make earrings, enjoying experimenting and assembling different textures together. Her official entrance to the world of jewellery however, happened around five years ago. Brass with its characteristic colours and shine, set off a spark in Michela and through a thorough study of the ancient ‘lost-wax method’ for casting brass, her brand My Zizi Jewels was born. Zizi comes from the name of Michela’s cat, whom she loves just as much as she loves her work: they share the same name because both bring her the same happiness day in day out.Essential, minimal and deliberately imperfect, My Zizi Jewels accessories feature lines, geometries and abrupt asymmetries, which give them a delicate contemporary edge. They are alive with a soul that is always ready to blend itself with that of who sports them; it is a game of destiny, an unexpected encounter. The sources of Michela’s inspiration are manifold: it could be a simple thought, an emotion, an exhibition, or nature, and these ideas go through many stages to then be transformed into what eventually becomes jewellery. Producer of jewellery suitable for the everyday but with an artistic expression, My Zizi Jewels has been a part of various renowned projects and featured in stores such as the Bottega Strozzi Bookshop in Florence, the Punta della Dogana Bookshop and Ve.NICE Stuff & T Fondaco dei Tedeschi, both in Venice.Let yourself be seduce by the My Zizi jewellery.