The trench, the outer garment of excellence returns knocking on the door of our wardrobe. Absolutely; even despite the more intrusive invasion of sportswear with bombers and oversized jackets, the trench always remains an indisputable style guarantee. A must-have that’s hard not to love, a passe-partout that has brought it to great lengths, in history and in fashion!The famous warm and waterproof outer layer has passed the vast tests of military trenches, divas of cinema, models and most recently, Instagram influencers! A yesterday’s classic, a today’s trend, and tomorrow’s icon. It doesn’t age with time, nor does it pass with the trends; instead it gets reinvented every time with creativity and innovation. We’ve seen so many designs on the catwalk, but not only there! Many new designers have rendered the trench as protagonist of their summer collections, always with an all new flavour. Get inspired by our “trench list”, discover all the looks and tricks of how to wear them, and choose the perfect design for you! Long, enveloping, tied tightly with life: Mustè Studios imagine and create their trench turning the eye towards the grand classics and tailoring. Versatile and sophisticated, it constructs the perfect combo with jeans just like a grand evening gown, with beautiful and refined security. On the terms of a determined and contemporary femininity, but with a delicately retro heart, Caterina Moro signs her trench with talent and elegance; while the rigour of the Brit look and the already mentioned charm of uniform meet the minimalism and pureness of Feelomena’s lines, in a trench that classily protects the body whilst enhancing the waistline. Why wouldn’t you want one? A trench, to the skin! The Al renders this cult soft, and even more irresistible. Hazelnut, havana, ecru, and not forgetting that unmistakable in a deja vu the graceful Audrey Hepburn wrapped in her celebrated Burberry trench that she wears in Breakfast at Tiffany’s comes to mind. And that colour, that tone that consistently couples with the trench certainly doesn’t get abandoned at this point. It remains loyal in Yojiro Kake’s nuance, but plays the innovator in the lines and shapes: like a canopy the trench dismantles and opens itself, increasing the volumes in originality. And our wishlist doesn’t finish there; Mister Outerwear for Spring-Summer 2019 really dictates the trend. An ally of our outfits, it comes to life with colour like in turquoise Taller Marmo’s design. Do you prefer subtle shades or something more candid? Opt for the icy pret-a-couture trench by Pommes de Claire or for the unique creations of Bav Tailor that “weave with inspiration and sustainability”, trenches that span from evergreen shapes to maxi-lengths, super-light, unprecedented. Also in green there is the stylistic figure of the young, made-in-Italy brand Twins Florence that combines the trench with its essential, avant-garde looks. Don't you want to give up streetwear style? Then the Au197sm is the solution and the trench for you! Oversized, gritty and full of that gold that never gets old. Experiment, combine and recombine your looks, and render your trench special. Just like you!