Coolt? A combination of styles and of words! They are top of the cult but they’re also so…cool! The bags created by the two sisters Eleonora and Eugenia D’Ambrosio De Dominicis combine with harmonic inspirations, cultures and various traditions, reinventing them with a new stylish image that is exclusive and original. All this is contained in the single word, Coolt. Iconic models present a new beauty, challenging what’s in the flesh and entering a space where design is never sacrificed for quality. Eleonora and Eugenia give us a smile, hosting us with kindness and class amidst some examples of their creations. In a short exchange of words Coolt tells us everything about the brand, the production process and their latest collection.Looking at your bags feels like the start of a long journey, seeing places in the distance and exploring different landscapes. But every story has a beginning. Tell us yours, or in fact that of Coolt..."We created Coolt in 2016. Its name celebrates contradiction, being made up of two contrasting terms that co-exist in harmony - cool and cult. Iconic forms and the great classics constantly get revolutionised, contaminated by multicultural details and inspiration from different cultures, consequently rennovating existing styles and creating novelty. The essential traits of our brand are travel and ‘nomadism’, which at the same time hone the delicacy of a beauty that endures throughout time."Wasn’t one of your iconic bags actually one the first that you made, the Bobos? "Yes, we started with this one-of-a-kind design. Its name is derived from a sociological work by Davis Brooks who used the term ‘Bobos’ in reference to the new generation of Wall Street who travelled to work by bicycle. It was the capitalist business world that had the vision of a bohemian lifestyle. The Bobos originates from the concept of the traditional shopping bag, reinterpreting the materials and its purposes." Here we can see your latest collection. What are its principal characteristics? "This collection stays loyal to our identity and is a traveller too, a modern nomad. We’ve added practical features to the Bobos such as the pockets, while the tassels that embellish for example the Gitane, recognisable by their circular form, are attached by hand with an antique Aztec intertwining."Coolt products are manufactured in your very home terrain, Abruzzo. You must have a very special attachment with this place..."Yes, the production all happens in Italy and is based in the productive sector of Abruzzo. We believe in savour-faire, the experience and professionalism of local craft and business."What does the bag represent for you today? "It’s identity, an object that characterises one’s persona and attitude; it’s our distinction. The bag is always connected with our style, which endures through time."For info & contact