Twins Florence is an exploration, a meditated creative process, a careful balance of opposites that attract one another to create a unique and sophisticated style. Various inspirations, dimensions and images recur in the garments’ essence that let the body speak elegantly, dressing it without making it suffocate, instead wrapping it in the clean lines of contemporary creations. Behind its name Twins Florence conceals the talent of its determined designer, Linda Calugi. Class of 1983, Tuscan, she has fashion in her DNA. The family business, the leather, its unmistakable scent, makes it seem like her destiny has already been written. Linda, before returning home completed many different stages of experience: a major in Architecture at the Università di Firenze, a stylist job in Milan, and collaborations with international magazines such as L’Officiel, MarieClaire, Collezioni...After this she returned to her roots, manual labouring to realise her very own project.In 2015 Twins Florence was established, a Made in Italy brand but with a cosmopolitan flavour, that successfully reinterprets a typically artisan way of doing things in an innovative style. Linda has always been passionate about leather, using it in a new way, treating it almost as if it were a textile, inserting and combining it amongst other avant-garde garments and creations. Recognised and prized by experts in the sector, Twins Florence has occupied a position at the Fashion Hub thanks to support from CNMI; it won the Ramponi Prize at White Milano, as well as the first prize and the Premium Young Designer Award di Berlino...just to name a few. The Twins Florence woman is a free one; free from conventions, categorisation, anxiety and obsessions. Choose soft volumes that wrap the figure with a decisively chic comfort. The designer Linda Calugi is inspired by nature and its elements, redesigning nuances and vivid subtleties for her garments with linear cuts.The Spring-Summer 2019 collection is grace, movement and air. Its name is Aria203. A curious name that studies the past, the story of Elsa Andersson, the first woman to obtain a flying license, accordingly the N°203, and also the American Amelia Earhart who in 1932 was the first female pilot to cross the Atlantic. Two pioneers that chose to overcome their confines and limits, strong in their independence. From this philosophy Linda’s project parts, from this space of emancipation, from the awareness and autonomy of choice. Through different shapes and textures, Twins Florence moves and forges itself whilst never betraying its identity. In a mix and match of full and empty, the volumes are always increasingly refined, featuring deep slits, inlays and cuts that accentuate collars and pockets, while the trompe l’oeil has its place on leather jackets. Pants are wide or open upwards from the bottoms of the legs, and go paired with delicate shirts or equally comfortable sweaters. The skirts play around with length, from the mini to the maxi, animated by contrast and colours. From cotton and muslin and denim made using 50s manual looms, to indeed knitwear, the textiles are all made of natural fibres. And not to be overlooked, the leather is super-soft in midnight blue, white and red, while the natural nappa comes in sky-blue.