Rewop Milano, a brand that is all a program or rather... an anagram, that of the word ‘power’. The strength, the determination and the freshness, which are present from the brand’s very name, get reflected in the eyes of whoever takes a look at the innovative Rewop creations. Established in Milan in 2015, Rewop represents one of the youngest new projects in Italy but one that at the same time is energetically affirmative. The endearing design, the careful choices of materials, notwithstanding the impeccable handiwork of expert craftsmen, who use top of the class techniques and traditional Italian production conventions, bring Rewop to emerge dauntlessly in the eyewear sector. Made from Mazzucchelli acetate, the glasses offer sun protection and glamorise one’s look with character and personality. More than a simple fashion accessory, they present a new way of looking at things.Lightweight and ultra resistant, the creations of this Italian-speaking brand are the fruit of a diverse, talented team that strive to unite their skill inventories and competence in something unique and exclusive. Luca Marcolongo, the founder of Rewop, studied Economics at the Università Cattolica moving on to study Engineering at the Milan Polytechnic, while the other founder Francesco Zeni studied Business Communication and Public Relations at the IULM. Then there is the young Chiara Russo, a Fashion&Marketing student at the IED of Milan, who is in charge of Rewop’s visual image.Handmade in Italy, avant garde and high-quality materials are all summed up in the one word, Rewop! With the spring-summer of 2019 arrives a new collection, even more innovative and anti-conformist. Luxury mixes with streetwear in an authentic, unprecedented dimension. The designs push boundaries, reaching a new level of extraordinary shapes and models. The futurism of the Trinidads, the vigor of the Caymans, the colours of the Muranos, the eccentricity of the of the Vulcano Black Editions, the refinement of the Tobagos. These models are perfect for him and ideal for her. They revolutionise our style and our visions! For info & contact