Musté Studios...Its style still hits! Spring has come and it’s not just the season that’s changing, it’s the wardrobe too, bags included. The young brand founded by ex-model and now designer Marian Musclot Stetco launches her new Spring Summer 2019 collection. So many bags, so many possibilities. All of them incredible, the true ‘it bag’! Mustè Studios is a name that only rings in the fashion world since 2015 but is already well-recognised for its unique and determined identity. Its creations are exclusive, born from a combination of ideas, styles and present a clean, refined aesthetic. The cuts are sharp, the textures and nuances balance between one another and bond perfectly. Just like in a special alchemy, everything works, even the most unexpected combinations.Musté Studio’s bags are a great friend to women and their everyday activities, the hecticness and the unexpected surprises that happen hour after hour. Large, small, for the morning or for classy evenings, the bags shine with a delicate elegance but without pretentiousness - the same elegance that characterises Mariana, the innovator of all of this. Owning her first Singer sewing machine at 13 years old, she also has a history on the catwalk and plenty of style in her blood. Her ambition and determination brought her to study fashion design and devote herself completely to it and she believed in herself: in the first months of 2016 she established her brand, Mustè Studios. Starting out as with just a small stock of bags, it quickly grew into a grand collection that also includes clothing. Day after day Mariana surpassed experts of the field, and many others, emerging through her competence, good taste and talent. Her accessories are exuberant and versatile, made from the best leather and produced by top Italian craftsmen. Fitting for every moment, they sophisticate even the simplest of looks. One could call them the right accessories for the right moments!Tradition embraces the latest trends, and details embrace high quality. Musté Studios bags are seductive, always made in Italy, and always in step with contemporaneity. They can be carried by hand or also over the shoulder as a more comfortable shoulder bag. The Spring-Summer 2019 collection illuminates itself with colour and novelty. Essential shapes and minimal design get combined with different materials and metallic effects such as suede, gold and silver. Traditional models get reinterpreted in an eclectic, cosmopolitan manner, disassembling and reconstructing them in the perfect Musté Studios style. Beauty meets comfort in the Nora, a fun-loving maxi that comes either in an energetic yellow or a soft, shimmering gold and silver version; while the pink Daphne clutch rejuvenates for those summer evenings. Or if you prefer a smaller variety, choose the Daphne mini shoulder bag: hang it with class over one shoulder, grasped slightly in your hand like a clutch bag; go for the black, the green or even candy pink. It’s a must-have for your bag collection this summer!For info & contact