Pommes de Claire is a brand that revisits must-have items. It embroiders creativity with manufacturing, it loves beauty and quality and is all handmade in Italy. Crisp geometric cuts dress themselves in a light and delicate allure, aligned with the modern female. Its stylistic codes travel through forms and shapes that touch on the past, but at the same time do not refute the novelty of the future. Traditions are revisited and reinterpreted in a new and contemporary way.

Pommes de Claire is a fresh new brand, buzzing but irresistibly refined. Its founder Chiara Salvioli is skilled in many fields - she is a graphic designer for advertising, a seamstress and a pattern maker, offering an abundance of ideas and competence. Raised in Bozzolo, an area in the province of Mantova, Chiara has always been passionate about Art and Fashion. Her style resonates strong and clear, recognisable even in mass scale by the use of interesting tailoring features such as removable sleeves, chic collars that combine and contrast with different looks, belts that become necklaces instantly. She has followed a route comprised of research, experimentation and many many innovative creations.Having started off realising designs just for friends, Chiara then, through hearsay and constant requests, moved on to open an elegant showroom in the centre of Mantova. A workshop in continuous blossom, a place where the speed of the trends joins the rhythm and quality of hand manufacture. The Pomme de Claire woman can feel free to be herself, expressing herself in the best ways by choosing and combining garments and different outfits, dressing herself in sophistication with confidence and determination. From special occasions to the everyday, Pommes de Claire along with its symbol, the apple, is a beautiful example of the contemporary authenticity of clothing design. The change of season Spring-Summer 2019 collection of this charismatic label is named Dynamic Couture. Functionality and style come together in a collection that contains the best of both of the worlds of sport and fashion, encompassing energy, movement and versatility. Embroidery and artwork are among some of the embellishments utilised by Pomme de Claire. Bikinis and swimsuits also play a fundamental part of the wardrobe; some dress designs feature fluorescent trimming; there are hints of 80s style in the geometry, rouches, wide pants and long shirts that become kimonos. Textiles are chosen carefully, always fresh and natural, and some chosen for their quirkiness, those that create optical games of hiding and revealing. For info & contact www.pommesdeclaire.it