Trakatan is an exclusive label, an 100% Italian bag brand that distinguishes itself by its minimal but sophisticated elegance. Founded in 2012 by Andrea Boffetta and Carlotta Sampò, two young creatives from Turin who had taken ownership over a historic leather workshop in their hometown, Trakatan’s unique products are all entirely handcrafted right from the heart. Tradition, handiwork and typical local savoir-faire amalgamate into an essential, contemporary design. Exploring genres, breaking norms and overcoming the classic conventions, Trakatan bags are exclusive and also unisex.Its inspiration comes from different worlds - nature, geometry, graphics - that enhance the quality and minimise excess. Trakatan is more than just a sound, a brand or a business; it is a way of thinking, doing and creating. The artwork and labour resist the frenzy of contemporary practice, diverting from machines and returning to human skill, something that is becoming increasingly respected - completely contrary to the philosophy of single-use manufacture. Trakatan bags live, relive and then get passed down.With regards to the environment, every bag is made from leather tanned with completely plant-based products, prohibiting the use of any kind of toxic substance. The bags are super-soft, colourful, and unique and diverse just like the individuals who choose and wear them. They are designed to have a long life: they change with us as we change, they grow old with us and with time become ever more beautiful and precious. Rich with a kind of wisdom, and a much sought-after value, they contain in them a part of who we are, what we do, where we go; like a loyal friend for some, and a true redemption for others. In fact, the printwork on the leather and cloth is carried out completely by hand, by a group of ex-detainees from the prison of Turin through a rehabilitation programme, and these individuals in the process have subsequently become experts at this technique.For the Spring - Summer 2019 Trakatan produced Voilà, a refined and minimalist collection that takes its inspiration from that magical moment in which one finds the solution for something after a period of searching, that moment of excitement that surprises us - just like the new Trakatan creations. Standard seams get beautifully embroidered, the stitching holes punched by hand, all enhanced through the use of a thread that is not only thicker than usual, but of contrasting tone to the main bag colour. The materials chosen are of top quality: super-soft leather tanned with plant-based products; embossed decoration; technical fabrics developed for sports; smooth suede, calfskin finished with paper-effects…And not to forget the colours: other than classic black, the range extends to the deepness of blue, the warmth of red and the pureness of white.Found within this grand collection are rucksacks, shoppers, handbags, shoulders, bucket bags, circular bags; from the mini to the maxi, Trakatan bags are versatile and perfect from morning to evening. Classy buckles, invisible magnet closures, straps with infinite functions, these are bags that change dimensions and functions. For info & contact