Maxi as sculptures, small and many to wear together, bright and brilliant with stones, in gold, in silver… there are many jewels but some really precious. Which? Those made by hand, handcrafted, one by one, as in the past. In fact, the new wave of jewelry does not follow a passing trend but goes beyond shapes, colors and trends. The refined object that stands out and that focuses not only on design, but also on manufacturing.

The artisans and niche brands of made in Italy jewelry are distinguished by their mastery in the creation of exclusive objects, a unique and refined mix of design, creativity and the highest quality. The handmade in Italy, combined with the selection of fine materials and an elegant and sophisticated taste, becomes the cornerstone of a new wave of jewels that find new luxury in uniqueness.


Contemporary made in Italy jewelry uses the ancient techniques of jewelry, such as lost wax casting, to create unique and avant-garde pieces. Personalized, limited edition or even unique and unrepeatable: niche brands and new designers embrace creative experimentation that chooses craftsmanship to affirm their aesthetics, their identity, their new trend vision. A trend that does not go away but that consolidates its beauty over time becoming a must.

If chosen with care, the jewel manages to make the look unique: a chain necklace, many rings to mix together with creativity, large earrings to illuminate the look... the jewels, if refined and of high quality, stand out by adding a touch of class (great class) even to the most minimal outfits. A distinctive sign, a sign of style.

Discover our selection of made in Italy brands and make your next looks precious: the new wave of jewels is handcrafted and made in Italy.