Can a bag be a style icon even without a logo? It is from this (beautiful!) question that our reflection on one of the most loved accessories by all women today starts.

Wearing a designer bag, one of those that really made the history of fashion, that as soon as you see the fabric, the buckle or the lettering well in short, you recognize it immediately remains a desire of many but... But it is also true that choosing one of a new brand with an exclusive and handcrafted design often turns out to be a winning choice.

Those who want to anticipate the times, stay one step ahead, go in search not only of trends but also of brands, focusing more and more on the original and unobtainable piece. And the logo? And the logo… no thanks! The avant-garde of the discovery of new and niche names and the tiptoe but great return of minimalism are combined in bags that are impossible to give up.

The typicality of the workmanship and the high quality surpass the exhibitionism of the brand. In the name of a minimal aesthetic that is increasingly attentive to the environment, the bag opts for solid colors, comfortable shapes and minimal decorations. At a time when comfy chic reigns supreme in clothing, even accessories abandon excesses and whimsy.

Few frills and a lot of quality. Handcrafted weaves, recycled materials, geometric interlocking, no logo bags find their own identity in the workmanship and shapes. However recognizable. Bags that, between aesthetics and functionality, do not choose. But they make us both feel good and inside. Accessories designed to last through the seasons. For made, material, shape. Pieces so exclusive that they go out of time, out of fashion to always be in fashion.

Investing in a no logo bag is an avant-garde choice, a long-term vision on an artisan creation or on an often emerging name that could grow and become a true cult tomorrow.So are you ready to discover our proposals?

black sahara roma bag with design


Ramen Black – Sahara Roma.

In the name and shape of the Sahara Roma no logo bag, there is an inspiration that comes from afar, from oriental culture and the typical Japanese bowl. A unique accessory of its kind made of wood and regenerated acrylic, all engraved by hand. A true work of art to wear.

kilesa beige handbag


Melly Monocolour – Kilesa.

The minimal and linear design of this bag with an iconic and timeless style is combined with the high quality of smooth and luminous leather. Sinuous, with attention to detail with delicate visible stitching and a perfectly rounded flap. A bag that does not need the ostentation of the logo to emerge with class and elegance.

maxi bag fuscra


Pinapple Black Shopper Bag – Fuscra.

Large, comfortable, roomy and... green! The Fuscra shopper bag is an accessory that stands out not only for its aesthetics and design but also for its typical and recognizable, absolutely artisanal manufacturing. In eco-leather and made with the origami technique, it is the right accessory for your days in the office and not.

virginia severini orange bucket bag


Francesca Mini Orange – Virginia Severini.

The great classic, the bucket bag, is now reinterpreted in a contemporary key by the emerging brand Virgina Severini. The search for leathers and attention to detail mark this iconic bag with exclusivity and immediately to collect.

meraky bag


Espresso Black Gold Bag – Meraky.

What is hidden in this bag? A truly secret ingredient... coffee packaging! Yes, because the sustainable brand Meraky creates original accessories through green processes. To be carried by hand or on the shoulder, the Espresso Black Gold is ideal to combine even with the most minimal looks: a bag without a logo but with great character and personality that will certainly not go unnoticed.

bgbl bag


B-Five Black Mexico Backpack – BGBL.

More than a logo, this bag has a unique and recognizable style. A genderless accessory made with the union of selected leathers and old hand-cut basketballs. Multifunctional, genderless, capacious, it is the right bag for many and many occasions.