Numero9, the latest challenge for Youki Design. The backpack has a new name, or maybe we should say a new number! The young brand of accessories Youki Design does not stop surprising and continues to transform, just like its handbags.After Youki Design and Youki Maison collections, the emerging company goes beyond the capsule and inaugurates another ambitious project, Numero9. Faithful to the essential design that always distinguishes it, innovative in colors, shapes and the Italian logo, this brand revolutionizes the concept of backpack and finds its craftsmanship. The practical one binds to the minimal, the capacious at the street, the light to the geometric. The inspiration is metropolitan and the urban chic result. The city's contrasts, from the downgrading of the suburbs to the center's trends, are reworked in a product that is attentive to comfort but fashionable.New York, Berlino, Shangai three models of backpacks contemporary, minimal, urban, that are a perfect combination of design, fashion and sportswear! An indispensable sign? All of course Made in Italy! In a raincoat technical fabric, the Numero9 backpacks are cared for in detail. Belts, crosses, elastic and detachable pockets leave us free to play and ... combine.Last novelty Shibuya model, shaped backpack bag in a few simple steps you can turn in your bag by pulling the string and sealing tape and use the tape as shoulder, inserting it into the side slots! Numero9 is designed and produced in Milan. Its attitude is young and elegant at the same time: its spirit os both “clubber” and “everyday”, this is a mix obainable only through specific building techniques, though hidden parts and the details that are typical of the italian leather industry tradition.Multifunctional and versatile, these are the backpacks of contemporaryity, which can be modulated according to our dynamic needs. Traditional in manufacturing, cutting-edge in style ... Shoulder? Creativity Numero9! You can buy backpacks Numero9 HERE .