COLLANEvrosi jewels reflect perfectly the women of our day: sophisticated, intriguing and avant-garde. Unique jewels, made with unconventional materials and innovatively processed, so COLLANEvrosi proposes necklaces, rings, bracelets which become striking contemporary design works.

The brand COLLANEvrosi was founded from the creativity of Lodovica Fusco, eclectic designer born in Trieste in 1985. During her studies in Disciplines of Entertainment and Communication, Lodovica Fusco learn how to work with a jewelry designer specializing in glass processing. Upon graduation, after several internships in fashion companies, Lodovica Fusco decided to follow her passion by creating in 2012 her brand. A strong dedication to contemporary jewelry that is directed towards continuous research and experimentation.

The COLLANEvrosi Spring - Summer 2018 collection "CWML - Conversation with my landscape " is inspired by nature. This is how the designer tells it: " Away from the people, in loneliness, I find words in the rocks washed by the waves, and caresses in the strong wind coming from the woods. Nature accompanies me, like an old friend. With this collection I wanted to illustrate the special relationship I have with my land. This is why white dominates, the white of the stones that overflow on the soil of the Karst plateau Each stone eaten by the sea and each branch broken by the Bora wind are imperfect and beautiful. I collected some and used them as molds into which I poured natural resin. I combined these resin pieces with the warm nuances of wood, brass and gold."

Here's how Lodovica Fusco realizes original and charismatic jewelry, handmade with dedication and skill, unique pieces that bring the refined and sophisticated style of the wearer. Discover the entire COLLANEvrosi collection HERE. For info