Daniela Vanni: change flap ... exchange bag! In a simple gesture the freedom to revolutionize your style whenever you want. From texture to color, in the innovation of a patent, the ability to choose the purse you want at any time.

To match your dress, nail polish or just mood, Daniela Vanni's creations are equipped with a twin system that lets you replace the front and change the look ... to your bag! It is in Florence, the cradle of art, crafts and experienced leather craftsmen, who in 2014 founded the brand Daniela Vanni.

Strongly of tradition, attentive to quality and absolutely Made in Italy, Daniela Vanni finds in her particular distinctive sign, in the materials her exclusivity, in the nuances of her favorite game. Unique pieces, perfect from morning to night, made for a woman who wants to impress without sacrificing comfort. Say goodbye to the "stress" of the exchange bag, a day and evening handbag, one for the office and one for the aperitif. If there was a magic time there was the wand, but now there is the handbag!

Exciting colors meet the simplicity of the original clutch lines, practical in the metal strap, impeccable in leather.Rich in applications or minimal characters, lit in shades or glam in glow. Pepita, swarovski, studs, suede, coconut print ... the Tuscan designer thinks just about everything and everyone, designing the taste, in every taste! Daniela Vanni? The detail that makes the difference ... ops the bag! For info www.danielavanni.com. Do you want to buy one of these fantastic bags? Click HERE