Feelomena, the style according to Filomena Saltarelli. Curious enough to break the mold, passionate enough to be inspired by everything that surrounds it, which is a film like a color, precise enough to draw clean lines and create clothes in perfect minimalist style.Her grit and her talent could only emerge and be noticed: after graduating in 2003 in Fashion Textile Design at the IED, training in the prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and after collaborating with important international designers, the designer Filomena Saltarelli decides to launch its brand in 2014. Feelomena, in fact. An inhalatopea that in the name recalls that of the same creator, but with a bit more of internationality and originality.Sophisticated and contemporary shapes dress a woman interested in trends but with an eye to quality. The female figure is exalted in a light and elegant way, clean lines leave room for unexpected details. The past and the present are mixed, the experimentations increase. Collection after collection. The best of fabrics, often natural, is combined with exclusively Made in Italy workmanship. The chromatic tones are rigorous, the lines are decided. For a determined but sophisticated woman, dynamic but absolutely refined.Tailored trousers mix with feminine blouses, in an absolutely perfect balance game. All the shades of blue triumph in the 2018 Collection (yes, a collection that is not tied to seasonality and can be worn at any time), where soft trousers combine with intersections and seductive tops. The skirts are maxi, the buttoned collars, the pinstripe reinterpreted. For a regal beauty that never ceases to amaze ... simply. Simply, Feelomena. For info www.feelomena.com Credits photo : Feelomena