Spring summer 2019 trends: everything you need to know about next summer's fashion. Shhh ... I'll tell you a secret, indeed many trends. The lights on the catwalks are now out, those on the summer 2019 trends just turned on. In the latest edition of Altaroma we have seen so many, but above all we have seen some good ones. Some new ones, others reconfirm. And then we discover together how we will dress in a year and for those who think it's too early to make mistakes: fashion runs, anticipates, inspires and breathes new things.Activewear - technical fabrics, shapes that steal garments and lines from the world of fitness come in the new collections as protagonists. Top, nylon trench coat, rain jacket, baseball caps ... everyday life is sporty but does not give up on glam. Combined with precious, feminine and light materials, the mix of styles that for some seasons dominates in fashion continues and will be reconfirmed among the spring summer 2019 trends.Purple - already present in our closets, will continue to keep us company throughout the winter and also for next summer. The ultra violet, so called by Pantone, does not lose the scepter among the most trendy colors. Fashion with white, dark if combined with black, bright paired with gold or silver, this nuance of intriguing air can only conquer you.Shirt - impossible not to have one. White, striped, long, short, made of cotton, silk ... with maxi sleeves, asymmetrical cuts or more classic volumes, the shirt is one of the trends for spring summer 2019 that we like best. From the overalls to the pleated skirt, where you wear it and ... well!Pencil skirt - the pencil skirt, from icon to trend. Perfect for the office, hyperfeminine if in sequins or luminous textures. The pencil skirt walked the catwalk anticipating one of the most dynamic spring summer 2019 trends.Sparkling - cascades of glitter, sequins, metallic fabrics or precious embroidery. Fashion makes sparks and sparks. Gold, silver, bronze but also spread and iridescent textures. From shoes to bags to skirts or outfits, the style dazzles.Intertwining - knots, bows, crossed ribbons. The weaves are no longer synonymous only with knitwear but with accessories. And even in the haute couture between elegantly exposed backs and long dresses, the threads closed the circle (and the knots!) of a detail that became a trend…take note!