A thin line ... or a style stripe? Vertical or horizontal, macro or micro, bicolor or multicolor. From timeless marinière style to the rigor pinstriped, until the very last trend that wants them many and ... colorful. Watch out because the new trend Spring – Summer 2017 you read between the...stripes!!!

Lined up, on the "fashion binary", on the heels of "parallel" coolest, also for this summer get ready to put you in line ... in fact in stripe! Daring if total look, original if in accessories, funny if in the details. Faithful friends of the catwalks, season after season, the stripes continue to fascinate and conquer us. Reinventing, mingling in colored rainbows or more timid duos are the stripes the most printing IN of the moment. To be on the piece? Be careful not to cross the ...stripes! And if the real fashion victims now prefer the white and blue mix, such as those proposed in the maxi dress Federica Tosi or gaucho Pommes de Claire, stripes raise the tones, colors light up in the elegance of the long dress MarcoBologna.

Giant format for Lucio Vanotti and Virginia Bizzi, who from A to Z, transform the stripes in queens of total look. There is no white stripe ... black stripe. From delicious handbag Hibourama, contemporary elegance of Alberto Zambelli outfit to the small shoulder bag Manurina or the sporty couture Msgm, fashion here never goes out of fashion and the combination black and white ... is always a winner! To stay connected to the trend, do not lose your head and do not miss the irresistible turban signed Flapper. Thousand blue bubbles? Only a memory. Now there are ... blue stripes. As waves those Luisa Tratzi that chooses for her 12 women's heels, a true diva in Kreisicouture hat, funny in practice Hymy Bag.

And for a sparkling touch, a sparkling stripe. So Bams prefers them in glitter version for its bright decollète, while Susana Traça declines them in original super glittery platform shoes. Sweet cascade of stripes Sara Lanzi that draws on a fluid and romantic dress, vitamins and energetic is the clutch LAURAFED that finds in the yellow its best stripe. And then you play, mix ... break the schemes, but not the stripes. Dressed the stripes, over the stripes !!!