Marianna Cimini: white paper to creativity. Original graphics, Mediterranean visions ... sparkling outfits! These, and not only that, the ingredients of the young brand Marianna Cimini, which reworks the good feminine taste coloring it innovative contemporary. Each item is precisely dosed, used and smoothie into recipe of a sporty chic perfect for even the most chaotic urban jungle. Elegant but not austere, simple but never boring, fun but not frivolous: the "just enough", the "... but not too much," the perfect balance between idea and project.

Grew up in Costiera Amalfitana, educated at the Istituto Marangoni in Milano, Marianna Cimini has in her professional background many important experiences, such as those gained by Max Mara and Tod's. Entered in 2014 by Vogue Talents in the top 200 emerging designers, Marianna won the Premio Moda Italia sponsored by CNA and she was finalist both in the Next Generation competition organized by the CNMI, with a special mention, both in the Muuse for Vogue Talents for The Young Vision Awards. But her biggest success came in 2012 when, during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Milan, she launched the eponymous brand Marianna Cimini.

Entirely Made in Italy, Marianna Cimini clothes find their home in cuts and fabrics of high quality, strong in character, live in contrasts. Lightness and rigor, sweetness and determination, value and simplicity. For Spring – Summer 2017 are the roofs of the coast, the playfulness of daisies and bright colors to animate a collection made of shapes, echoes of the 60s with flared dresses, printed jumpsuit, sophisticated shirt dresses. Among the purity of white and the guarantee of black, there are touches of yellow, green and orange.

Dynamic contrasts, combinations able to coordinate alternatives. A foot in both camps, or rather a body in two dresses? No, just the skill to stay in balance. A pinch of salt, a pinch of sugar. A touch of style, a touch of fantasy. Marianna Cimini: ordinary balances, or rather ... extraordinary balances! For info